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By Some Miracle, Scarlett Johansson's Chest Is Not The Highlight Of These New Avengers Photos

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 27, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 27, 2012 |

Though these new Avengers photos aren’t going to knock you on your shapely, spandex-clad ass, they do feature some shiny, greasy bicep porn from Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. Oh and this BAMF image. (TheMarySue)

Are we too busy humming “Danke Schoen” to realize how idiotic it is to have a TEASER for a COMMERCIAL? Advertisinception. Regardless, Ferris Bueller is coming to the Superbowl. (Uproxx)

Not that a teaser of a commercial is anywhere near the bottom of the TV stunt barrel. Our very own Dustin has found scraped said bottom and discovered that it’s covered in donkey semen. (Warming Glow)

I’m sorry to do this to you, gentle readers, but I have an all-too-apropos follow up to that last link. And that would be this banned poster of Michael Fassbender’s Shame. (Vulture)

I’ve also got two more sex-related links for you lads and lasses. Listen, our sex columnist Dr. Pisaster is on a little hiatus and someone’s gotta fill that hol-OKAY. First up, these very, very smart and clever and professional scientists have “conclusively proven” that there is no such thing as The G-Spot. They claim to have proven it 1,000%. I said they were scientists, not mathemetists, jeez. (Geekologie) Secondly, Psychology Today has an interesting series of articles on casual sex and whether such a thing actually exists. (Psychology Today

And if casual sex does not exist, then y’all are going to need this site run by Pajiba reader Lexie. Oh yes, ladies and gents, it’s wedding tips. Good ones. (Wedding Lovers Anonymous) As for me, I’m partial to funky/offensive wedding fun like this Jurassic Park-themed Save The Date. (Neatorama)

And now for something that has nothing to do with sex, marriage or Scarlett Johansson’s undercarriage. It’s the Monty Python boys, reunited! Oh, Terry Gilliam, you delightfully toadish man. (/Film)

So I know many of you look down your nose at Twitter. And that’s fine. But it was instrumental, of late, in helping foment and organize certain political movements. That’s why this news that Twitter plans to block certain content in select countries bothers me. Doesn’t surprise me, but it bothers me. (THR)

Speaking of unsurprising technology news, Google seems to think I’m a youngish dude. Ah, yes, that would be all the image searches for nubile starlets. Thanks, Pajiba! Find out what Google thinks of you based on your search history. (Ads Preferences)

Jeepers, Google, maybe I’ve just got a biiig lesbian crush on half of Hollywood. Speaking of homosexuals, New Hampshire is putting forth a new bill that would allow certain establishments and businesses to deny service to gay couples planning to get married. One step forward, two steps back, New Hampshire. (GOOD)

As much as I non-gay love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the kid has so many talents that do not involve singing. So I wish he would stop singing. Or at the very least, stop singing at the top of his range. Joe, anytime you feel the strain, hey dude, refrain. Here he is sounding a bit cat strangle-y whilst performing a Beatles classic.

Finally, I’ve been trying to include fewer Star Wars links. HAVE YOU NOTICED? You didn’t notice, did you? Anyway, this one is too good to pass over. How Return Of The Jedi should have ended.

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