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Brian Williams Is In the News Again. No, It's Not for a Good Reason

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | April 7, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | April 7, 2017 |

I don’t think I could have figured out who this was if not for the caption. WHAT THE SHIT ARE YOU WEARING? It looks like one of those flying squirrel base jumper outfit things. You know what I’m talking about? I’m sure someone does. SOMEONE assure me you know what I’m talking about! - (GFY)

I’ve shared this before, but perhaps you were absent that day. The tumblr dedicated to the Trump Regret Tweets is the saddest, most schadenfreudest thing ever and I can’t get enough of it. - (Tumblr)

Daaaaaamn, I bet Rita and Marlon made one sexy-ass couple when they were young! Rita is still looking damn fine. Marlon… well, he didn’t age so well, but Rita? Yeah. Rita is definitely the lust of some other people’s lives. - (Celebitchy)

This sounds like a fun bunch of people and it sounds like the original Joe McGrath missed out on a great time, but the 2nd Joe McGrath got to meet some really cool new friends! Ok, so just putting this out there, if anyone has a trip planned with THEIR friend Lainey Bobainey, but she can’t make it and you already have the airline ticket in her name, don’t fret, THIS Lainey can maybe go instead! - (NY Mag)

I don’t really get bothered when studios remake movies from my youth. I don’t know, it just doesn’t bother me. It takes nothing away from my enjoyment of the original, so what do I care? However, what I don’t understand is, why remake a movie to basically use the exact same plot/scenes/dialog? That just seems pointless. Kinda’ like this Dirty Dancing remake. Why? - (Dlisted)

Brian Williams — the disgraced former NBC Nightly News anchor — is trending on Twitter at the moment. In case you didn’t know, he’s on MSNBC now, where today he quoted music lyrics and described the missiles raining down on Syria thusly: “”Wow, the beauty of our military weapons. What a sight.” Yeah, Brian. What a sight, huh?

How cute is Joe Manganiello? SO cute! He likes D&D so much, he wrote his own D&D script! - (Vulture)

It’s shocking to me that it’s been 20 years since Tupac’s death. He’ll be inducted into the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame today, and All Eyez on Me, the highly anticipated biopic will be released this summer. The trailer looks really good. I hope the movie can live up to the legend. - (Lainey)

Halbs says of the world in the Mass Effect video game series, "it’s my Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones." When he came across Mac Walters’ Mass Effect Vol. 1, he snatched the comic book collection right up and recommends it. Be warned though, the comic books are for fans of the series and not a good jumping off point. What is your favorite video game world? (Cannonball Read 9)

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