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Brace Yourself Internet, Alison Brie Talks About Being Naked...Again

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 25, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 25, 2012 |

Okay, so today, if you didn’t know, is some sort of made-up Geek Pride day. Which is, like, every day here on Pajiba. Non? But, fine, I’ll play along. So for all you “Community”/book/”Doctor Who”/Latin/film-studies/legal/comic-book/gender-rights/Burton/Anderson/anglophilia/”Game of Thrones”/music geeks, this Love’s for you.

Oh…and for you Trekkies, David Cronenberg wants to say “Sup?”

I said earlier on Facebook that if you cut my heart open it would look something like the image below. And it’s true. I bleed red white and blue…the blood just oozes out in a sort of Union Jackish pattern. (Nerd Approved)

And whilst we’re on the subject of London, guess Who will be running the Olympic torch through Cardiff? No, not him. The other one. (BBC)

There were some mumblings from you lot the other day about the inanity of Twitter. Yes, yes, fine, it was just one of you. Regardless, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan will be using said inane medium to live tweet the short piece she’s written for the first ever science fiction edition of The New Yorker. That? That’s some classy tweeting.
(Boing Boing)

Plus, ahem, without Twitter, Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki) wouldn’t be able to give you this dastardly hug.

Speaking of huggable Avengers, I wanted to squeeze David Hasselhoff after reading this frankly depressing interview where he claims to be the definitive Nick Fury. Bro, no one else in the world thinks that. (MovieLine)

Vulture has a clip from Sarah Polley’s newest feature Take This Waltz. It exists on the internet to silence any and all of you who doubt the staggering power of Michelle Williams in “adorable” mode. (Vulture)

I saw Moonrise Kingdom earlier this week and, folks, it was even more Wes Anderson-y than usual. For me, that’s a good thing. If you’re also an Anderson acolyte, make sure to print out this Bingo Board to bring along when you see his latest film. The first shot alone will get you three squares. (Slate)

And since you’re already shooting me dark looks and muttering “hipster” under your breath, I might as well share this super creative (but tooth-achingly indie) video. Allegedly, no computer tricks were used in the making of this hipster fever dream.

And now for something completely different! Unreality some absolutely terrifying close-ups of celebrities. Hey, design experts, these have been tampered with, yes? I mean, I believe Jennifer Aniston has pores, but I don’t believe there is an entire tar pit in each of them. (Unreality)

Buzzfeed has the five most misogynistic/sexist print ads from the last five years. FIVE YEARS, PEOPLE. (Buzzfeed)

You’re a bunch of clever cookies, so maybe you already know the definitions of these 10 Latin phrases. But did you know the Brits call their money “quid” because of “quid pro quo”? I DID NOT. Check your knowledge. Report back. (Neatorama)

And here’s a brilliant idea for the unclever cookies in Hollywood. (Final Ellipsis)

Our man Josh posted this song by The National (cue my hipsteresque shriek) from the “Game Of Thrones” soundtrack. It’s a rad song in general and a super nerdy delight for you book lovers. (Uproxx)

We’ve had a lot of posts over the past few weeks about the Fall TV schedule. Here’s a visual guide to help you plan out your DVR-ing. They’re pitting “Revenge” against “The Good Wife”? That’s ice cold. Also, “Community” fans, don’t look too closely at Friday. It will hurt your heart. (The Wrap)

The luminous Alison Brie was on Conan last night where, naturally, she discussed jogging around her college campus in the buff. Lady, you are both a talented comedian and an accomplished dramatic actress, but the endless self-sexploitation is getting on my last nerve. (WG)

Personally, I find the lovely Jim Rash far more alluring. If you agree, check out this awesome poster featuring each of the Dean’s costumes. NICE GAMS! (Dennis Culver)

And now, strangely, we have Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp signing to a new Paul McCartney song. That’s no typo. They’re signing, not singing. Personally I get a kick out of Natalie’s prissy earnestness and Depp’s lazier flourishes. I hope your Friday doesn’t crack and break under the heavy pretension.

Finally, dig this crazy Tim Burton cake. I’d rather pay ten dollars to see that than Dark Shadows.

Joanna Robinson just went through and corrected a bunch of hideous typos. Is it the holiday weekend yet?

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