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Bob Mueller Just Dropped a Checker Piece into Trump's 4D Chess Game Just to See What Would Happen

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 30, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 30, 2018 |


These on-set photos from the next Avengers film will help you make sense of that stinger in Infinity Wars. Bonus: That suit looks really nice (both of them, actually). (Lainey)

Did you know that Mieka, who writes for us at nights, also writes for Dlisted during the days? Also, did you know that a pregnant Cardi B suffered a harrowing near-death experience on a golf cart? Well, now you do. (Dlisted)

There is some juicy homewrecker drama going on between Blake Shelton and his ex, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton is doing a lousy job of taking the “high road” with that karma comment. (Celebitchy)

I miss Natalie Dormer. I don’t miss this style of this trouser, however. (And don’t worry: Dormer hasn’t been around much these last two years, but she has a mini-series and three movies in 2018.)(GFY)

Viv discusses the one missed opportunity Avengers: Infinity War passed up — it would have required even more characters, but it might have been a cool and logical crossover. (The Mary Sue)

And now we know why that character had to be killed off of Fear the Walking Dead last night. Ooof. I’m still smarting. (Uproxx)

Bob Mueller has been trying to convince Donald Trump to speak with him about obstruction of justice for weeks, and so far, Trump has not bitten. However, the special counsel has leaked to the NYTimes the questions that Mueller plans to ask Trump during that meeting, so what’s Trump afraid of now? I mean: Trump blamed a debate loss on the fact that Hillary Clinton was given one question by Donna Brazille beforehand. Think of the advantage Trump has here. He has all the questions! Only a coward would back away from that. (NYTimes)

I know a lot of you folks love a good classic film, but Netflix kind of sucks in that domain. Amazon Prime, however, has better offerings, and here’s a beginner’s guide to their selections, which includes perhaps my favorite film of all time, His Girl Friday. (FSR)

Talk show host Wendy Williams delivered my single favorite response to the criticism leveled at Michelle Wolf’s speech this weekend. This is fire. (Jezebel)

Soooooo apparently Benedict Cumberbatch has been put on Tom Holland babysitting duty, keeping him from dropping spoilers by interjecting and making alarm sounds.

You might think Avengers: Infinity War could’ve used more beards like Captain America’s. You would be dead wrong. (Mashable)

Jodi investigates the case of Timmothy Pitzen, a six-year-old boy who disappeared right after his mother committed suicide. I’d never heard of Pitzen before, and this case is mysterious as hell. (Ranker)

Petr dropped this into Slack today, and even though I’m the exact right demographic for this ad, it still took me 20 seconds before the joke registered. It’s a good one.


Men are very bad at recognizing vaginas. It’s a weakness.

Aidy Bryant, who will be starring in Lindy West’s new Hulu series, is also now married. It’s been a good year for her. (Just Jared)

If you were wondering if it were possible for Donald Glover to somehow be even more attractive, yes. Yes, it is possible. This isn’t even fair. Bring a fire extinguisher, folks: For your pants.

couldn’t leave this on the edit room floor #atlantafx

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Stephen King said he won’t write any more Dark Tower stories, but after her third reread of the saga, Scootsa1000 put some ideas into a letter to King: "I would 100% read about Irene getting into her little Mercedes and driving around the Northeast, doing gunslinger things, while also shopping for deli meats and planting roses." If you wrote an author a letter, who would it be and what would you ask them? (Cannonball Read 10)

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