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Bleary Eyes, Busted Hearts, Don't Leave!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 10, 2011 |

This story was breaking news 20 minutes ago, which means it may very well be (yawn) old news by the time you read the P. Love today, but, apparently today might maybe be the day President Mubarak relinquishes power in Egypt. Possibly. Probably. Maybe. (BBC)

In presidential news, would you guess that our prez Barack Obama is the most searched name on the internet? Of course not, silly! Didn’t you read Dustin’s thing yesterday about how dumb we are? Obama is surprisingly high at #8, but he can’t touch this #1 when it coms to internet popularity. And, no, it’s not MC Hammer. How rad would that be? #2legit2twit (Business Insider)

Well this website is truly terrifying. The name of the link says it all. Unsurprisingly, I’ve not heard of most of these people because I don’t listen to Batsh*t Radio. (People Ok With Murdering Assange)

Slate is polling their readership in order to come up with a definitive list of Laws According To Children. I don’t think it gets any more classic (or classy) than “He Who Smelt It, Dealt It.” (Slate)

Speaking of classy, there’s a Diet Pepsi can redesign in honor of New York Fashion Week that is taller and skinnier than the average can. That’s really charming, Pepsi. (Double Ex)

So there was a brouhaha over the idea of replacing the “n-word” in Huck Finn with the word “slave.” Remember? Well the Nerdist has a better idea for a replacement. (Nerdist)

Oh man, I’ve been waiting my whole life (the last few weeks) to try out my offensively bad Yakoff Smirnoff impression on you. Ready? “In the former Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, sun revolve around YOU!” How’d I do? (Google)

Everyday when I go out into the wild internet tundra to hunt and gather links for you, my little cave-dwellers, I make a silent vow that I will not bring back something extraordinarily geeky. I promise myself, “No ‘Doctor Who’ today!” But then the internet keeps producing such tasty, succulent geekfare and I can’t say no. So, siiiiigh, “Star Trek” meets “Doctor Who.” Yeah, it’s great. You’re welcome. (Summerset)

This list of ways to reuse an Altoid tin isn’t the manliest thing I’ve ever seen. That would be this thing. The list may, however, be one of the awesomestest things I’ve ever seen. My favorite? The one with booze, a’course. (Art of Manliness)

This story is charming and whimsical and French. Like Amelie, only with an acrimonious divorce. (The High Definite)

I don’t know what Entertainment Weekly has planned for their “101 Reasons to Love ‘Parks and Recreation’” list, but, if “Mr. Adam Scott and His Magnificent Head of Hair” isn’t in the top ten, yamma burn the store down. (Popwatch)

Speaking of dashing and follicularly blessed television actors, last night, my favorite, Kyle Chandler, gave his last inspirational speech as Coach Eric Taylor on the series finale of “Friday Night Lights.” Sadly, I know most of you can’t watch this season until April, and, even sadder yet, I know some of you have never even seen the show. Here’s a little tribute video they played in front of last night’s episode. There are no spoilers in the video but, spoiler alert for those who plan to watch this Spring, you’re gonna cry. More like “Cryday Night Lights,” amirite, fellas?

Okay, and ever so tangentially related to football, we have here all 61 Superbowl commercials in under three minutes. The folks who edited this deserve a trophy because they gave me another excuse to shout “STORMARE!” Also, Adrien Brody.

Joanna Robinson lives in a Devil Town. Didn’t know it was a Devil Town. Oh, lord, it really brings her down about the Devil Town. [email protected]

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