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Beyonce & Some Sketchy Photoshop Skills Begin The 'Thigh Gap' Discussion Anew

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | April 11, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | April 11, 2014 |

Chris Martin wants y’all to know he’s soooo free. In other words, he’s winning the PR war. I do feel a little sorry for Goop after seeing Chris look ridiculously happy in these photos, but I have no doubt she’ll bounce back with another millionaire who can fuel her obscenely expensive tastes. (Lainey)

The whole “asking a celebrity to prom” vibe is a bit skeevy as a rule, but this story has had interesting results. A kid asked Netflix to prom, and it said “Yes!” Then Netflix followed up with some movie-themed goodies. (WG)

Someone decided to let Duchess Kate steer a yacht off the coast of New Zealand. But she’s wearing nautical stripes, so the fashion people will be happy. (GFY)

Babies are amazing. The Avengers are very cool. But the Adult Baby Avengers are f—-ing creepy as hell. Why does The Hulk look like Gary Coleman? (Unreality)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has only been married for a few years but already knows everything about romantic longevity. How cute. (Celebitchy)

Some of you will thoroughly enjoy this gathering of miscellanea about Firefly My favorite factoid involves how the show’s writers decided to get around the censors and let the characters swear in various language. Yes, I’m shallow. (MF)

Megan Fox praises the wonderful Michael Bay: “He can be very vulnerable, and he’s very likable and lovable.” Oh really? She forgot to add, “When he’s not demanding that I wash his Ferrari while wearing a bikini.” (INO)

This infographic of the differences between male and female ideals of the perfect female body are not surprising. The two models don’t even look that different. Then sh-t gets real when the study gets to the different ideals of the perfect male body. Do men really want Ryan Gosling’s torso and David Beckham’s face? (Uproxx)

Beyonce is an empowered, fierce pop star who can hold her own and rise above the males of her profession in terms of sales and influence. So why does she feel the need to photoshop herself a thigh gap in her vacation photos? Dammit. (The Frisky)

The first clip from the Boy Meets World sequel series, Girl Meets World, has arrived. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this hot mess of a Disney-esque sitcom. (TMS)

Esquire calls Tom Hardy “the greatest actor of his generation.” Hmm. (Esquire)

The Decoding Annie Parker trailer features Aaron Paul (!) and Samantha Morton (!!) in a movie about serious subject matter that still manages to retain a sense of humor. Nice wig, Aaron. (Slashfilm)

Joe Francis has announced that he and his wife have conceived a pair of twin girls. You guys, I don’t even … (DListed)

If you’re the kind of sucker who still pays for 3-D movies — and I’ve reviewed most of them on this site, so believe me when I say you’re wasting your trust fund — then perhaps you’ve wondered why they don’t work backwards. (io9)

It turns out that Spanish news stations are cool with stealing cosplay footage and for acting like all Asian people are from Japan. (Kotaku)

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