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Ben Affleck Is Living Up to That Tragic Middle-Life Crisis Stereotype, Isn't He?

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | March 7, 2018 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | March 7, 2018 |


Do you own an Amazon Alexa device? Has it been laughing at you? I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think Skynet is here. (The Verge)

A McDonald’s in Lynwood, California flipped its golden arches upside-down in “celebration of women everywhere”. Ugh, stupid corporations making me like them, ugh. The worst. (Business Insider)

🚨 Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman back together again. AMY POEHLER AND NICK OFFERMAN TOGETHER AGAIN! This is not a drill. 🚨 (EW)

I admit, the Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split made me sad. Now they’re in a custody dispute over their four dogs and that’s making me even sadder. (Celebitchy)

Game Of Thrones is currently filming and the cast and crew were in Belfast having a pint or two at a pub. Why didn’t they invite us? (Lainey Gossip)

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are filing for divorce after seven years of marriage. I can’t imagine that them finally getting divorced is shocking to anyone, but their marriage lasting seven years? That is shocking. (Dlisted)

The Fug Girls’ 2018 Best Dressed Oscars poll is up, so go vote! (Obviously, the winner should be Lupita Nyong’o. No contest.) (GFY)

As if I needed another reason to hate Best Buy: their Geek Squad? They be snitches. (The Root)

Today I read about Alabama’s white BBQ sauce and I felt attacked twice: once for the color violation, and the second time when I learned it was mayonnaise-based. No, Alabama. Bad, Alabama. What are you doing? STOP IT! (Atlas Obscura)

There is a lot of Oscar after-party gossip in this piece, but the one that jumped out the most was that Ben Affleck went to meet his kids at church on a motorcycle. Just living up to that tragic middle-life crisis stereotype, isn’t he? (The Cut)

I am old enough to be annoyed with teens, but not yet at the stage where I blame everything on “kids these days” and whatever new technology they’re using. However, there is a new paper published by Clinical Psychological Science that found a disturbing connection to the teenage decline in mental health and the smartphones they’re using. (IFLScience)

You might want to check your basement or garage for these old items. They might be worth a fortune. (Mental Floss)

What happens if you’re a restaurant in a city where the main water line breaks and you have no water? A Waffle House in Georgia came up with an entire “No Water Menu”. (Eater)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve given up on waiting for the third Kingkiller book (ditto ASOAF). Patrick Rothfuss recently implied that the Kingkiller series is a prologue, and I’m not even one ounce excited by this. A prologue to what, exactly? Another series he’s nowhere near completing? I’ll believe it when I see it. (Tor)

Speaking of, George RR Martin has announced that he’s quitting blogging because he’s “buried in work”. Again, sure, OK dude. I’ll believe it when I see a publishing date for that one book. (GQ)

Krysten Ritter nearly bit through her tongue while filming season 2 of Jessica Jones. I did the same thing…except I was like two years old. (Vulture)

Justin Timberlake’s NYC apartment lacks personality, just like its owner. (T&C)

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office had to search Heather Locklear’s home after she told the deputies that “she would shoot them if they ever came to her house again.” She’s a rich white lady, so she’ll probably not face any consequences. (The Wrap)

This is a fascinating article about the connection between cancer, glucose, and metabolism. (MIT Technology Review)

Natasha Hemmings will be the first African American CEO of Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey. Congratulations! (Black Enterprise)

Teresaelectro found her new best friend goal after listening to Tiffany Haddish narrate her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn. (Mary J. Blige wants to be Haddish’s best friend too.) Haddish has always been funny, but she got a late start as a comedian after being booted from the foster care system at 18. When did you first hear about Haddish: The Carmichael Show, Girls Trip, or the Groupon story? (Cannonball Read 10)

Ursula lives in Chicago and likes potatoes very much. You can follow her here.

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