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Because There's No Such A Thing As Too Much Joel McHale

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 3, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 3, 2011 |

Morning my coquettish co-eds. I’m going to ask you the question I was asked at every bar and party during my college years. “What’s your major?” Seriously, what did you all major in? If you’re currently in school or didn’t go to college I believe the answer is, “I’m majoring in life, muthahf*ckah!” There’s a list floating around the internets that popped up on a site that rhymes with Caress Stilton and one that rhymes with MuffHo about the top ten most profitable majors. Apparently it’s pretty much engineers from top to bottom. Since I can’t link to those sites (ETHICS!), I can link to this Georgetown Study, which I believe to be the basis. The study also has some very interesting breakdowns of majors by gender, etc. (Georgetown)

I’m just curious, did you all pick your major based on profitability or did you pick based on area of interest? My area of study (English Lit-rah-tyure) is so laughably unprofitable there’s a popular Broadway song about it. Anyway, while you’re chewing on that, you should also chew on this. Installment Two of Stark Week:

For all you darling Design majors out there, these Star Wars typography posters are for you. What? It’s been weeks (a week?) since I used a typography link! (I Believe In Advertising)

For my macho Media Studies majors, this phenomenal little collection of screenshots highlights one of my favorite phenomenons of rewatching older movies and TV shows. “HE WAS IN THAT?!” Tobey Maguire’s mullet is extraordinary. (Unreality) Seriously, are any of you Media Studies majors? Is that really a thing? It always makes me think of the Caine-Hackman theory from PCU. Anyway, here’s a list of actors who are currently pulling double duty on television (eg Joel McHale in “Community” and “The Soup”). WHEN IS “THE LEAGUE” STARTING AGAIN?! (SplitSider)

For my loquacious Linguistics majors, here is the lovely Mila Kunis chewing out a reporter in fluent Russian. Oh I already knew she could speak Russian. How did I learn that? It was most CERTAINLY not from an episode of “Punk’d” I watched way back in the day. Wherever did you get such a preposterous hypothesis? (Film Drunk)

For my pulchritudinous Poli Sci majors, Angry Black Lady puts it all in perspective with this piece on The Debt Ceiling, the sweet return of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the ways in which the political rhetoric has not changed one bit. (Angry Black Lady)

This one’s for my fellow English majors, I suppose, though I didn’t study much sci-fi in college. NPR has winnowed down it’s pool of candidates for the Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Titles. You can go vote now (you get ten votes) and ensure that numbers 1-5 are George RR Martin. (NPR)

Speaking of “Game of Thrones” (STARK WEEK!), you garrulous Graphic Design majors, here is an awesome featurette highlighting some of the FX used in the TV series. (Warming Glow)

This one goes out to the English/History/Poli Sci/Philosophy majors. This Flowchart of Influence in the Areas of Thought is ver-ry interesting, even if I disagree with much of it. (I Love Charts)

For my Costume Design majors, care to whip me up one of these Game Boy dresses? Cheers! Thanks! Make the hem a little lower. (Geeks Are Sexy)

And if you Art students wanted to cut me a few fresh Killhouettes, I wouldn’t say no. (Killhouettes)

I suspect, however, that you Zoology majors would prefer that have this stunning print on your wall. (Degree)

Can one of you Food Science majors explain this abomination to me? The Grilled Cheese Martini. BLEEEUUURRRGGHH. (Urban Daddy)

While we’re on the subject of bleurgh, if one of you Psych majors could kindly explain what is going on with this provocatively shot French model who is, ahem, TEN YEARS OLD, I would appreciate it. (Jezebel)

Never mind, I know why, it’s the same reason the Catholic church’s Child Protection Chief had a CHILD PORNOGRAPHY STASH/RING. (The Mirror)

We’re going to end today with some news that doesn’t give you the creeping heebie jeebies. Ben Folds (one of my favorites ever in the history of ever) is releasing a Three Disc Career Retrospective. Color me stoked. (Consequence Of Sound)

I am a little bummed, however, that one of my favorite Ben Folds’ tunes, “Free Coffee Town” didn’t make it onto the Rarities disc. It’s one of the fake songs Ben leaked from his album “Way To Normal” and I like it better than any of the “real” songs on the album.

Finally if, for some reason, you’re not sold on the phenomenon that is Ben, I can only imagine it’s because you haven’t seen him play live. Seeing him live is like being beat about the face with fists of charm and affability. Here he is, doing an homage to that Merton kid from the internet. Ben, I love you madly. I even watch “The Sing Off” for you.

Joanna Robinson realizes today’s Pajiba Love is long. Like super duper uber long. Can she get extra credit for that?

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