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Bad News, Nannies, Brad and Angie Don't Care If You Can Sew Lederhosen Out Of Curtains

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 21, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 21, 2011 |

Good morning, my faithfaul companions. I didn’t address the sad passing of “Doctor Who” actress Elisabeth Sladen in yesterday’s P. Love because Stephen Lloyd Wilson had already written such a loving tribute. However, I stumbled across this achingly sweet goodbye to Sarah Jane and wanted to share it in case you hadn’t seen it yet. Warning, it’s sad. It really is. (The Mary Sue)

I did warn you. Speaking of loyal little bots, here’s an interesting story about the robots that are helping out at Fukishima. On the one hand I think it’s very cool they can go where it’s unsafe for human workers. On the other hand…damnit James Cameron you’ve made me paranoid. (Popular Mechanics)

I do know this, come the Skynet apocalypse, I want this badass looking version of Ariel on my side. Flipping your fins you won’t get too far, fishy, scaly legs are required for kicking terminator bots in the head and then running away. (The High Definite)

That Disney Apocalypse is pretty sweet, but when it comes to artistic childhood mash-ups, artist James Hance has a (pooh) corner on the market. Wookie The Chew is my favorite, but the entire site is worth a look and worth your support. Hance is raising money for his daughter’s medical bills. (James Hance)

I’m helpless when it comes to James Hance’s stuff because he’s combining so many of my loves. Sometimes, though, even when the components of a project are less loves and more “mehs,” I’m still knocked over by the sheer creativity. STEAMPUNK IRON MAN. (Bleeding Cool)

I know you think I’ve already blown my awwwwww-wad with that James Hance stuff, but that’s only because you haven’t seen our Buccaneer-In-Chief yet. Oh yeah, it’s wee Obama…in pirate garb. Be still my patriotic heart. (Laughing Squid)

Okay, so I love kids in general. I think they’re hilarious. Judging the Jolie-Pitt brood purely on creepy paparazzi snaps of them tromping down the street, I’ve decided they are a riot. I would love to be their nanny…one of their nannies…they have a lot of nannies. (Celebitchy)

Listen, that nanny gig sounds pretty sweet, especially when you consider how bad the unemployment situation is. If you’re unemployed in Florida, I’m sorry that you are not only jobless but also made to…DRESS UP?!?! WHAT THE SH*T? (Angry Black Lady)

Speaking of unemployment, Kenny Rogers has completely altered his face and put the hard-working men and women behind Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers out of work. Time to nasolabial fold ‘em, folks.

Our first video on this sunny Thursd-oh, it’s not sunny where you are? It’s snowy? Ah, such is the ping & pong of life. Check out this neat (and sort of thought-provoking if your brains are in the mood for provokation) video entitled “Symmetry.”

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

We close today with this Rube Goldberg device which chronicles life as we know it from the Big Bang to the Apocalypse. The 244 step device was engineered by some Purdue students and is the Rubiest-Goldbergiest device on record beating the former record-holder by 14 steps. Check it afore someone wrecks it.

Joanna Robinson is a little fuzzy in the head today. Somebody pour her some more coffee…or show her the way to the next whiskey bar…or something. Email! Twitter!

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