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Are You Kidding Me? I'd Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shave A Dog.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2011 |

The success of In Bruges, one of my favorite films in the last ten years, did three great things for the world: a) Resurrected the career of Colin Farrell. b) Gave the Bruges tourist industry a shot in the arm it’s not seen since Rick Steves wrote “With Renoir canals, pointy gilded architecture, and stay-awhile cafés, Bruges is a joy.” c) And, best of all, introduced non-theatergoers to the blood-soaked comedy of playwright Martin McDonagh. McDonagh’s next film also stars Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and a dog. From here on out I’m going to refer to it as “That Dead Dog Movie.” (Film Drunk)

Like, if the poster for that McDonagh movie told the truth, it would say something like, “Don’t Hold Out Hope For The Survival Of That Dog, Okay?” The Brits from Shiznit returns with their “If Movie Posters Told The Truth” series. I think they stole the caption for The Thing from TK. (The Shiznit)

Speaking of captions from TK, if you haven’t read his Footloose review, please do and then “oooooo” and “aaaaaaaa” over this masterpiece of a poster created by reader Kevin Kobasic.

As a counterpoint to last week’s Overacting Hall of Fame, here is Matt Zoller Seitz’s Underacting Hall Of Fame. Personally, I’d like like to see Samantha Morton in ALL the things. Particularly in That Dead Dog Movie. (Salon)

Speaking of cruelty to animals, here is a list of the top ten sexiest Vegetarians. Really, world of vegetarians? Jonathan Safran Foer? This is not enticing me to put down the bacon. h/t The Other Greg. (Westword)

This, right here? Surely the greatest accomplishment of Obama’s presidency. The next four years are a lock. (Blame It On The Voices)

Over the weekend, 700 protestors were allegedly arrested while trying to occupy the Brooklyn Bridge. (Gothamist) Whether or not you agree with the Occupy Wall Street protest, their tumblr, filled with messages of Americans in dire financial and social straits, is worth a look. (We Are The 99 Percent)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer comedy 50/50 opened to good reviews with oddly pun-laden headlines. Obviously, I have nothing against puns and, clearly, headlines are often a good showcase for them, but something about these NY Post and Slate articles made me cock a skeptical eyebrow. That being said, please read this interview with JGL wherein he talks about sexy slave girls. (Celebitchy)

Thankfully, JGL’s Cobra Commander did not make this list of Awesome Masked Characters In Movies. But, then again, neither did my favorite, the Blue Bandit. (Unreality)

For those of you over/under or merely whelmed by this weekend’s “Doctor Who” finale, io9 thinks it has sussed out River Song’s chronology. It works. Mostly. I think. It’s a bit wobbly wobbly. (io9)

Speaking of geek TV, a while back, Dustin got me into the web series “Awkward Embraces” with this positive review. Now geeky songstress Marian Call has partnered with the series to produce this adorkable video. Check it out, but, more importantly, check out “Awkward Embraces.” (Geek Girl Diva)

Here’s the second part of the “Movie Line Rhyme” series featuring possibly my favorite film quote of all time and the reason Jason Schwartzman will always be aces in my book.

‘Movie Line Rhymes 2’ by Jordan Laws from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

Finally, as a birthday present to me, the lovely Patty O’Green sent me this cute comic. It’s pretty great. Almost as great as this video about poor Mark Danny Susan Donald Gennaro.

Joanna Robinson would watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt shave a dog…but not Colin Farrell’s dead one.

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