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Are Those Leather Pants, Young Lady? Someone Tell Chloe Moretz To Stop Growing Up, Please.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 13, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 13, 2011 |

Good morning my little maple leaves. I’ve been oot and aboot foraging for links this morning. Shall we start off with some Toronto International Film Festival news? Pajiba Ten heartthrobber, Michael Fassbender has been gingerly grinning all up and down the red carpets of recent festivals as he promotes his two newest films. The bad news? He’s still dating Zoe Kravitz. The good news? He’s wearing a boss Iron Maiden shirt. (Celebitchy)

MovieLine has a great photo booth gallery from the TIFF and once I got over the shock of Chloe Moretz in leather pants, I was bowled over again by a very handsome Chris Pratt. Looking good, Andy. (MovieLine)

(p.s. This is why I follow Chris Pratt on Twitter.)

While we’re talking edibles, check out these Game of Thrones cupcakes. BITE IT AT THE POINTY END. (Neatorama)

Maybe you prefer to make art not food out of your lit-rah-tyure. beckster sent me these amazing book sculptures because, well, she knows I’m a sucker for these things. (Su Blackwell)

Speaking of books, the UK voted “To Kill A Mockingbird” their most beloved book. I was really impressed with this list. It’s a nice blend of genres and time periods. Also, number 3, “The Book Thief?” Interesting and classy choice, UK. (The Guardian)

Okay, let’s talk about Japan. I don’t want to stereotype an entire nation, but sometimes Japan is just, like, WHAT THE F*CK, right? (Don’t click on that link unless you’re truly prepared for an unholy amount of Japanese f*ckery.) That being said, this interview with the Miss Universe contestant from Japan just made my morning. The bit where she talks about being a tiger? Rawr? Delightful. (Warming Glow)

While we’re on the subject of racial stereotyping, please take a minute to read about how this half-Arab, half-Jewish woman who was forcibly detained while flying on 9/11. I rally do understand the need for heightened security and vigilance, but, seriously, sometimes the US authorities are SO dumb. (Shebshi)

Also? There’s a typo on the 9/11 monument. Some hard to spell name, perhaps? No, not really. “Jeffery.” Siiiiiigh. (Gothamist)

Speaking of national affairs, it used to be that former presidents received Secret Service Protection for life. Now the limit is ten years. Former First Ladies, however? Sh*t out of luck, I’m afraid. (Tastefully Offensive)

Awww, poor Laura. I don’t hate her. Speaking of hate, however, how many of you agree with the rankings on this 2011 NFL Hateability Index that S0crates_Johnson sent me? (SI)

See, I don’t really hate anybody (except Zoe Kravitz). I love you all to bits and pieces. That’s why I’m going to tell you that Mensch Ts is having a Gear For A Year Contest where you can win one free shirt a day MONTH for a whole year. (MONTH, IT’S ONE PER MONTH. OH DEAR LORD NOT ONE EVERY DAY.) Listen, winning stuff is cool. Free stuff is cool. But nothing on god’s green earth will be cooler than when someone asks you where you got that Grim Reaper shirt and you answer, “Oh this? It was handmade for me. IN GERMANY.” (Mensch Ts)

You may know by now that I have an incurable fondness for Charlie Day (eventhoughIdontwatchhisshowbecauseitmakesmecringe). This darling interview only makes me love him more. (Uproxx)

I am not, however, fond of that little grim reaper, Kristen Stewart. If you thought her lip biting was bad, check out this supercut of her other ‘acting’ tricks.

See, K Stew, sometimes pretty girls have talent as well as shiny (in your case, often greasy) hair. This chica is ridiculous. My flabber is all kinds of gasted.

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