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Is The Royal Family Trying to Make It Look Like Kate Middleton’s Dead?

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | March 11, 2024 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | March 11, 2024 |


Just when it looked like things had quieted down on the “Where is Kate Middleton?” front, Kensington Palace dutifully went outside, laid down a small battalion of rakes, and proceeded to step on every single one of them plus a land mine just to be safe. Presumably, you’ve all seen the blatantly edited Mother’s Day photo of Kate that was given a kill notice by the Associated Press on Sunday. It was a freakish nightmare of rogue fingers, melted backgrounds, and disembodied heads. Apparently, everyone was supposed to believe Prince William took the photo, which only added to the WTF-ness of the whole situation. Kensington Place knows it’s under a microscope, and yet, it went ahead and put out a photo where Princess Charlotte somehow has three kneecaps. (Dammit, I’m learning their names.) Are these people really that stupid? Oh right, the inbreeding. Well, fortunately, they didn’t do something even more suspicious like tweet a statement from “Kate” where she basically says “lol whoops my bad.” Except, no wait, that’s exactly what they did because why even pretend there are sh*ts to give anymore? On that note, I’m Team Divorce because there’s no way even this gaggle of dunces would try to hide that Kate’s in a coma or worse. — But then again, the inbreeding… (NPR)

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