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Apparently I Get Off On Foul-Mouthed Actors Because This Bettany Interview Is The Hottest Thing This Side Of Naked Chaucer

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 27, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 27, 2011 |

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Er, I mean, RELEASE THE LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Read it and weep (if you even have functional tear ducts), you *sshole Birthers. Obama’s birth certificate. BAM. BOOM. PDF’D! (White House)

Feeling pretty good, aren’t you, Pajiba Nation? Don’t worry, it won’t last. Check out the most recent XKCD that’s been making the rounds. That Little Mermaid factoid packs a punch to the fish guts.
Movie Ages.jpg

Jurassic Park WAS EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO? Don’t mind me, I’ll just be looking up synonyms for “elderly” in my Thesaurus. (Woot)

Or maybe drown my sorrows in some Punky Brewsters. What? You don’t watch “Parks and Recreation?” For shame! (Tom Haverfoods)

Speaking of television, two faux nerds got in a fight over which character would “win” in “Game of Thrones.” First of all, “win?” Second of all, if they were real nerds, they would have read the books and avoided any and all activity that might cause nose bleeds. Third of all, can any of you account for TK’s whereabouts this weekend? (Warming Glow)

Because, seriously, we Pajibans know how to nerd it up. Dustin and I went head to head on Reject Radio last night. I let him beat me at film news trivia and then we proceeded to dork out about “Doctor Who.” Also, the drinking game rules are as follows: Drink Every Time We Say “Boob.” (Film School Rejects)

If you don’t want to hear us at our dorkiest, then may I suggest checking out the 8 in 8 project put forth by Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds and the tall guy from OK Go? The plan was to record eight songs in eight hours using help from Twitter peeps, etc. They only got six and I believe it took them longer than eight hours, but they’re keeping the name. Also, the song about the squirrel is the best. Also I really dislike Amanda Palmer’s voice. (Amanda Palmer)

I will not comment on how my brain leapt from Amanda Palmer to “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but I will say that I was terribly excited this morning when I found out one of our readers, SugarKane, is an editor at Socialite Life. They’re a fantastic gossip site and here is her interview with recent “Drag Race” winner Raja. Do you all watch that show? I know Courtney does. (Socialite Life)

Speaking of would-be-ladies, I just found out the etymology of the word vagina and it’s sort of medieval and fantastic. Alas, it will not help you understand the etymology of “Pajiba.” (Online Etymology)

And while we’re on the subject of nether regions, mine are frequently aflame for the lovely and talented Paul Bettany. Here he takes some shots at primadonna actors. That’s just verbal fuel for the fire, Bettany. (Celebitchy)

Remember how I linked an article from the Daily Mail? And you got all mad because it’s a total rag? Well then, you angry, British readers, enjoy this Daily Mail headline generator. My favorite so far: “ARE CYCLISTS STEALING THE IDENTITY OF YOUR DAUGHTERS?” (Daily Mail-o-matic)

But let’s go back to fetching British actors for a moment, shall we? Here is the wonderful Michael Sheen stealing hearts and minds on an Easter-themed talk show. Come for the Blofeld impression, stay for the endearing Welsh accent. (He calls himself James Bland!! He’s so fantastic!)

I leave you today, my darling ones, with a short film by Joaquin Baldwin. This film, which he made as a student at UCLA, won him scads of awards and a job at Disney. I think he earned it. Check it out.

Joanna Robinson would show you her long-form birth certificate but then you would know that she’s as old as Raiders of the Lost Ark. That’s pretty old. Email! Twitter!

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