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'Ant-Man' Circles In on a Director, and the Blogosphere Betrays Some Uncomfortable Classism

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2014 |

LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter is up to $3.2 million, and the $1 million goal has unofficially been extended to a $5 million goal so that Burton can get “Reading Rainbow” on every device, and in 7,500 classrooms. (Popwatch)

There’s a lot going on in the world of Ant Man. A short list of Edgar Wright replacements was reportedly released that included Adam McKay, Ruben Fleischer, and our old friend, Rawson Thurber. McKay entered into negotiations then immediately pulled out, and Fleischer (Zombieland) is now reportedly linked to Ghostbusters 3. Does that leave Rawson Thurber (Dodgeball)? He’s a much better choice than you might think, folks. I hope he nabs it. (THR)

Earlier this week, Bryan Cranston — who was totally goofing with CNN — said that we never actually saw Walter White in Breaking Bad die and that we should “never say never” to seeing him return. HE WAS KIDDING, of course. Ben Travers thinks that he shouldn’t tease. (Indiewire)

Shailene Woodley has been reuinted with her toe shoes, and it’s sh*t like this that I wish I never knew about certain celebrities that I otherwise might have been very fond of. I mean, toe shoes are kind of a celebrity/admirer deal breaker, aren’t they? (Dlisted)


Here’s the first teaser for Left Behind, a remake of a Kirk Cameron Christian film starring Nic Cage. What a world. (FSR)

Because it’s NEVER too early. Here’s your first Oscar predictions for 2015. (FilmExperience)

I really dig this piece from Tony Tost, a staff writer on Longmire, encouraging folks to check out what really is one of the most comfortable, easy-going watchable procedurals on TV. (Uproxx)

Bedhead’s been covering the Jack White feud all weekend. (Celebitchy)

This video of a Family Dollar store manager losing it while yelling at a woman who had stolen Febreze is funny and insane and just the kind of thing you’d expect to go viral. That’s not what has caught my attention, however. What caught my attention were the write-ups about this video I’ve read the last couple of days, which have betrayed some uncomfortable classism in the blogosphere (see e.g., here and here and don’t even think about reading the comments).

This Family Dollar manager is very stern and logical at the beginning of this video where he confronts a white trash family for stealing Febreze. Then one of the pork rind-eating fatties says something to the man that sets him off and he goes straight into diva beast mode. His voice quickly becomes more effeminate and his head starts to bob more with the syllables of his words. He storms off, but not before he sprays the fat oinker with the stolen Febreze.

And no, that’s not from a comments section. Listen, fuck-Os: Unless you ARE white trash, you do not get to call others white trash. Fatties? Diva beast? Oinkers?

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