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Another Trumper Flips, Plus Blake Lively is Low-Key Bad Ass

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | August 24, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | August 24, 2018 |


Here’s a dumb rumor about Tom Cruise that’s probably not true but it’s harmless so who cares it’s Friday shuttup! (Jezebel)

I’m gonna enjoy this new Murphy Brown. (SeriouslyOMG)

Here’s Jennifer Garner looking positively radiant the day after dropping her husband (who did not look so radiant) off at rehab after stopping to get him some fast-food fried chicken, which she probably didn’t eat because look at this saintly woman’s glowing skin! (Lainey)

Speaking of which, here’s the gossip-sourced record of what went down there, which is essentially that Lindsay Shookus broke up with Ben because his addiction took over and Affleck reached out to Garner for help and she answered the call because she is a saint. (Celebitchy)

Put Kirstie Alley in the Big Brother house (UK edition) and she just blabs and blabs and blabs. (Dlisted)

Only Idris could get away with these dorky-ass shoes. (GFY)

Hey! Remember when Trump came back from North Korea and was all, like, “Mission Accomplished!” and everyone made fun of him because saying “Mission Accomplished” is like whispering Candyman three times in a funhouse mirror except instead of Candyman a nuclear bomb detonates in Nebraska?! Anyway, Mission Accomplished!

A few photos from the third season of The Good Place suggest that The Good Place is going to the real bad place, which is Earth right now. (EW)

Nearly every single article I’ve read about Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg flipping on Trump mentions that “he knows where the bodies are buried,” and I never get tired of hearing that phrase (please tell prosecutors where the bodies are buried, Mr. Weisselberg!) (WashPo)

The only somewhat negative thing I’ve read about Crazy Rich Asians is the accent of Awkwafina’s character, but read this? Maybe? I dunno! (Vulture)

Dude: It’s not so much that you fart at work that got you fired, it’s that you documented all your farts for six months! I’d have fired you, too! (AV Club)

I hope Duncan Hunter’s wife can get those bus tire tracks off that nice fancy new dress she bought with her husband’s campaign money. (Wonkette)

I haven’t watched The Affair since season one but my God, it sounds like it got existentially dark. When I was watching, it was just about 40-something people f—king. (LG)

First off, this is super not cool, Pottery Barn. ATTRIBUTE. Second, you can skip the middleman and buy that print directly from the artist — who is great and was at Con of Thrones — for much less. (Jill Van Sickle)

Tori dropped this clip today, which is a couple of years old, but f—k it — if you’re in the mood for incredibly lowbrow humor paired with Ryan Gosling’s facial reactions, then Happy Friday!

Yes! Go, Blake Lively! I low-key kind of love her. I mean, I totally get how Blake and Ryan make so much sense.

Blake 👏🏻 #CommentsByCelebs

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Well, I wasn’t freaking out about flesh-eating STDs until you told me not to freak out about flesh-eating STDs! (PopSci)

Look: I’m gonna remind you of this again next week, but I’m gonna put it on your radar right now. If you have TV One, you should watch Dinner for Two when it airs on September 2nd, because Orlando Bishop — a friend of the site (and actually a former writer here from way back in the day) — wrote and directed it and he’s damn good people. Please set your DVR and support your Pajibafriends.

KimMiE" expected to review Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow in relation to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. Instead she was struck by how much the personalities and ideologies of the new nation have influenced today’s politics. "The idea that the nation could fall apart was more than a dramatic rant from your alarmist Facebook friends-it was a legitimate possibility." Did you start singing "My name is Alexander Hamilton…" as soon as you read the title of the book? (Cannonball Read 10)

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