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Anne Hathaway's Repulsed Grimace Simply a Reaction to Hearing Russell Crowe Would Sing at the Oscars

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Pajiba Love | February 20, 2013 |

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Pajiba Love | February 20, 2013 |

You guys, I just wanted to post about like TV related stuff all day since I’m up for a big job at a TV entertainment site. My mind feels crowded with Neilsen ratings and such but I tried for a grab bag of entertainment related bits and news.

Everyone I know in real life is consumed by pilot season here in Los Angeles. Either they’re working on a show or they’re going to auditions for a show, or they’re assiduously avoiding the entire enterprise, but yes, there’s a definite ebb and flow to the workload year round out here in Hollywoodland. I myself just wrapped a military commercial that we shot in downtown Los Angeles, looking out over the other sky scrapers with their hundreds of twinkling lights I wondered how many other windows had sets, cameras and lights in them and how many were actually people working at some other tasks. While not everyone works in the industry, everyone is painfully aware of it all the same.

To the links!

In case you live in some kind of Postal Service-free zone and have failed to hear this song, here’s their newest, and they announced tour dates. (Postal Service)


You can’t really beat the appropriate headline here: “The Oscars’ Endless Musical Evening To Feature Terrible Singer Russell Crowe.” (The Atlantic)

If you’re a fan of the hyper absurd, then this blog with its strange pictures and creepy gifs may be for you. (Rising Tensions)

If you KNOW what happened on Downton Abbey’s season finale, then click here for some scintillating info about what’s upcoming in Season 4 for Lady Mary Crawley. (Celebitchy)

If you don’t follow Rich Juzwiak’s blog wherein he captures all the screenshots he stumbles upon during his daily TV viewing, you haven’t lived yet. (Where I Pause)

Julianne Moore wore Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelries and everyone apparently has feelings about it. (Buzzfeed)

Over at NextMovie, porn stars weigh in on the upcoming Oscars and the chances of different films. (NextMovie)

Deadline’s compiled a list of the overachievers of pilot season, just in case you’re wanting to weep over your inability to even finish a sitcom spec, much less get it to the pilot stage. (Deadline)

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman offer-man up some advice to readers on romantic situations. (AV Club)

23 TV Alter Egos and the Actors who play them. Special Agent Bert Macklin, always and forever has my heart. (AV Club)

The science of dating, what happens when OKCupid, an ex boyfriend and a mom all get to pick a date for a lady? (NYMag)

Some enterprising individual bought the domain name for Guy Fieri’s restuarant and put up a fake menu that is delightful. (Business Insider)

Proving once and for all that there is no God, Ted surpasses the box office of Skyfall in Japan. (Deadline(

Interested in the Ins and Outs of location scouting? Here’s one of the best, who finds the most amazing places in New York and shares them all on his amazing blog, along with the history of the locations. (Scouting NY)

Do Neilsen ratings confuse you? Here’s a fairly simple explanation on how they work. (About(

The 11 Reasons that Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl on “The Walking Dead”) is the most bad ass guy on the planet is missing only #12: He literally has a metal eye socket. (WG)

Do you like Rian Johnson, director of “Brick,” and “Looper”? His cousins help him out with design and are generally design and furnishing badasses in their own right. Check out Marke Johnson’s Made Shop tumblr for peaks into his design process and a look at the house they’re refurbishing. (Made Shop)

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