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Anne Hathaway Talks About The Bare Breasted Role That Inspired Her Catwoman

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 29, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 29, 2011 |

Why would you have to cook a Big Mac Value Meal in a rice cooker? Listen, ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die. . .of a coronary diabeettack. (Rocket News)

Here, cleanse your arteries with this charming The Princess Bride image entitled “There Was A Mighty Duel.” (The High Definite)

Pajiba editor Dustin Rowles is also an accomplished tweeter. Did you know that? Well, in case you didn’t, Warming Glow contributor Dustin Rowles has included tweeter Dustin Rowles on his Top 30 Best TV Tweets Of The Year. I can’t say that I blame them him. (Warming Glow)

These “Behind The Scenes” images from famous ILM projects are oldies but goodies. Aw, look, it’s only a model! (VF)

In the heyday of model/puppetry wizardry Jim Henson put out two of my favorite “kids” films of all time. The Dark Crystal (aka the one that didn’t feature David Bowie’s tumescent presence) is getting the prequel treatment. But don’t worry, it’s in comic book form and I think you comics nerds will be pleased with the artist they’ve chosen. (Comics Alliance)

Speaking of darker children’s fare, here’s a fascinating look inside Disney’s vault at the projects that were too weird for old Walt. (The Atlantic)

Alas, none of them are as awesome as this Macbook decal. (iPhone Savior)

I’ve been pushing back all year against your demands for cute animal videos. Well, consider this my year-end gift to you, it’s a collection of various animals at NYC zoos unwrapping presents. (Laughing Squid)

Mindy Kaling (Have you read her book yet? Do it.) pitches an all-female Ghostbusters movie. I love the face off that nimble little minx. (Full Of Whoa)

The first among you who is able to give me an accurate vein count on this new image of Sylvester Stallone gets…hugs and kisses, I guess. (NyMag)

Or…would you prefer 200 foreskins? Apparently that was King David’s payment method of choice. Click here to see it reenacted in lego. Because. Why not? (Boing Boing)

Speaking of lurid and violent books (“The Bible,” guys, I’m talking about “The Bible”), George RR Martin has released a chapter from his next installment in A Song Of Ice And Fire. That book should be due out in…oh…2021? Do I need to say “spoilers?” I do, don’t I? SPOILERS. (io9)

There is also a minor spoiler in this fantastic interview with Anne Hathaway in which she discusses her role in the upcoming Nolan Batman flick. Apparently her inspiration for Catwoman was the famously topless Hedy Lamarr. (The Hero Complex)

Speaking of surprise breasts, there are a few of them on the following website, so worker bees beware. Interspersed amongst the bosoms, however, is this awesome “Geek’s 12 Days Of Christmas.” I’ve included two of my favorite panels below, but you’ll have to click through for “Three Rutger Hauers.” (Becca’s Bombshells)


Finally, a list of 10 Things That Rocked About Music In 2011 including two of my favorites, Ben Folds Five and (shut up) Adele. (Ology)

To compliment all the “Top Ten” lists that are flying about, here’s a great visual representation of the year in film.

And, finally, you may think you’re badass, but you have no idea.

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