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Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Reclaim The Title Of World's Most Adorable Couple

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 26, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 26, 2012 |

Rolling Stone Magazine reports that someone has admitted to the Tupac Shakur shooting. Nice try, Rolling Stone Magazine, Tupac is alive. ALIIIIIIIIIVE. [As Bert noted, this is in reference to the first, non-lethal shooting. As opposed to the second non-lethal shooting. BECAUSE TUPAC IS ALIVE.] (Rolling Stone)

Showtime has released the teaser poster for the next (and final?) season of “Dexter.” It’s everything you’ve always wanted…if everything you’ve always wanted is to be able to count each individual piece of stubble on Michael C. Hall’s jaw. No spoilers, no clever, just stubble. (Screen Crush)

Speaking of fall shows I can’t wait for, “Doctor Who” returns in just a few short months. Until then, ladies, get your geek on with these fetching female Who shirts. Fine, siiiiiiigh, you dudes can wear them too, I guess. Just as long as you’re comfortable with the super deep V. (PR Web)

Anglophenia has the 10 Baddest Brits in History Of Legend. Suffragettes, poets and PMs, oh my. (BBC America)

The always lovely Geek Girl Diva sent me these new interesting photos from the set of Maleficent. Apparently those horns are aerodynamic. (Lainey Gossip)

Look who’s in the running for the oft-nude Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. Somewhere in Hollywood, Kristen Bell is punching things with her tiny, adorable fists. Side note. Are those…tribbles? (EW)

This, filmgoers, is the best thing you will see on the internet today. And, so help me, I may end up bellowing “INTO THE DOME, MOTHERF*CKER” to the next obnoxious teen who has the misfortune to sit near me. (The Oatmeal)

Louis CK basically sent Ticket Bastard Master into the dome by announcing that he will sell his own tickets for his upcoming tour. Yup, Dustin’s right, CK is the greatest man alive. You can find his hilarious announcement here. (Uproxx)

These superhero tutus are rad but I must warn you, the wee Merida one may make your ovaries explode. And you know ovary schrapnel is a b*tch to get off of your monitor. (The Mary Sue)

NPR profiles a day in the life of a Buzzfeed editor. Yeah swap out the jorts for a Wonder Woman tutu and they basically nailed the life of a Pajiba Love Link Wench. (NPR)

To prove my Pajiba Loves aren’t all gay things and tutus, I’ve go-WAIT. First this gay thing. Some *sshats are boycotting Oreos because of this recent Oreo Gay Pride ad. Your loss, homophobes. More diabetes for me. (Business Insider)

I want to get some of these rad Princess Bride pint glasses for everyone I know and make dumb “I can clearly not choose the beer in front of me” jokes all day long. (That’s Nerdilicious)

Okay, as promised, super duper macho links! First, do you know what happens when two runners tie during an Olympic qualifying trial? Turns out neither do the Olympics. (Slate)

Anthony Davis, a hotshot basketball player, is trying to trademark his eyebrows. Frida Kahlo might have something to say about that. You know, if she weren’t super dead and stuff. (CNBC)

Some guy who is clearly vying for Father of the year put a video of his young son atomic fetal weeping because his favorite White Sox player had been traded. What do you think about parents posting photos/videos of their kid’s “humiliation” online? (Chicago Tribune)

And because I gave you three, count them THREE tangentially sports related links, I feel comfortable posting this, the gayest thing to ever gay on the internet. Allegedly, there is a Broadway adaptation of Magic Mike in the works. To quote my friend at the Stripper Citizen Kane screening last night, “There’s not enough Tahitian Vanilla in the world to cover up that smell.” (/Film)

The adorable Ms. Amy Poehler answers some questions during a recent 92nd St. Y visit. My favorite, of course, is her reveal about the best way to make Will Arnett cry.

Finally, here’s a supercut of Sorkinisms. Listen, as an unabashed Sorkin fan, I don’t think this proves sh*t about his talent or originality as a screenwriter. I’m fairly certain that if you did this to any prolific writer, the results would be similar. That being said, someone went to a lot of work to put this together, so enjoy.

Joanna Robinson will have her review of “The Newsroom” up soon. You think? You bet!

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