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America's Finest Political Mind, Dionne from "Clueless," Has Opinions

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | April 10, 2013 |

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | April 10, 2013 |

Two days in a row of me PLoving all over your face? What could you possibly have done to deserve this?

Seriously. What did you do? TELL ME WHERE YOU HID THE BODIES.

America’s finest political mind, Dionne from Clueless, has opinions about Beyonce and Jay-Z visiting Cuba. (Twitter)

Did you know Ben & Jerry’s has an actual Flavor Graveyard where they honor their fallen confections? I must go lay some roses at the Concession Obsession headstone. *sniffle* Why couldn’t they take me instead?! (Uproxx)

SPOILER: Dustin solved “Mad Men.” (WG)

CBS’s “Elementary” has found its Irene Adler. They stole her from “Game of Thrones.” (Showrenity)

Here’s Arnie and the rest of the Batman and Robin cast explaining what a disaster they made. (Unreality)

I know other people have grown weary of opening credit mash ups. Well I don’t trust those people; I think they’re creepers. This one mixes “Friends” with BSG. Eat it with a spoon. (Digital Spy)

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry got engaged. In their honor, let’s all sing “HEEEYY-EYY EYY EYYYY HEYY-EYY EY, WHAT’S GOING ON…” (People)

Ever wonder what it looks like to cry in space? Because it looks effing BANANAS. (Geekologie)

Want to wash out the bad taste of yesterday’s Semenology news item? Here, have a cocktail infused with goddamn wasps. (Neatorama)

To put the awful taste back in, here are two people have sex on Google Street view. (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of people having sex, Kate Upton and Diddy are doing it now. (Vulture)

This movie poster art reimagined as Dr. Seuss art is amazing and I want to decorate my kid’s room with a hundred of the Ghostbusters ones. (Flavorwire)

Patton Oswalt commissioned these pervy little Russ Meyer action figures based on Star Wars characters, because HE CAN. (Slashfilm)

Finally, HOW ANIMALS EAT FOOD. I die. Then I picture The Lizard and I die again. (Crushable)

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