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Allegations of Bill Murray's Drunken Jackassery on the Set of 'Groundhog Day' Resurface

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | June 27, 2019 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | June 27, 2019 |


First, Steven Spielberg went after Netflix. Now other directors are joining in. I believe this is called sour grapes. (Lainey Gossip)

“The Boomers Ruined Everything” is basically the soundtrack of my life. (Atlantic)

Idris Elba. That is all. What? You expect me to write more? Fine. Idris Elba in a black leather jacket. You’re welcome. (Celebitchy)

Britney Spears’ father is suing a Britney fansite for defamation. This is getting pretty ugly, no? I mean, Britney definitely needs help, but I think her father is the exact wrong person to provide it. (Dlisted)

I am SUPER excited for season 3 of Legion. It’s such a fantastic show. JoRo has the details. (VF)

I’m pretty shocked that the Fug Girls decided to keep covering Olivia Munn, but only because they’re better and braver and more professional people than I. (GFY)

This is honestly what is wrong with so much of our culture. If you break the rules, you should suffer the consequences. Period. Full stop. So what is Twitter going to do to world leaders who break Twitter’s rules? Yeah. They’re going to slap a warning label on the tweet. (Buzzfeed)

Do you know about the offshoot of Mormonism called the Order? Me neither. This is about how one of the members scammed the federal government out of half. a. billion. dollars. (Bloomberg)

You’ve probably heard some of the rumors swirling around about what an ass Bill Murray was on the set of Groundhog Day — in fact, it led to a 21-year rift between Murray and director Harold Ramis. Murray, as Dreyfus tells it, was an Irish drunken bully who at one point screamed in Dreyfus’ face and threw an ashtray at him. (People)

This goldfish is definitely on the juice. Right? I mean, this can’t be natural. Right? Stupid nature. (Smithsonian)

Following up on last week’s link about privacy and web browsers, Firefox will now give you a fake browsing history to fool advertisers. (Motherboard)

Can you be a judge? (Current Affairs)

Rolling Stone made a list of the best shows of 2019 so far, and I’ve only seen maybe half of these. Whoops. (Rolling Stone)

I worked in a WeWork office once and that was plenty enough for me. Not a fan. At all. I don’t understand how these spaces are so popular. (Intelligencer)

I’m just sitting here, making googly eyes at Megan Rapinoe. (The Guardian)

Happy Pride Month! Mikki Blu picked up Caleb Roehrig’s White Rabbit after enjoying his previous book, Death Prefers Blondes. In this YA mystery, Rufus’ 4th of July is interrupted by the return of his ex (who dumped him for a girl) and the murder of his half sister’s boyfriend. "So begins a wild night of amateur sleuthing as Rufus and Sebastian try to figure out what really happened in the cabin and who killed Fox." What’s your favorite YA mystery? (Cannonball Read 11)

And finally, I leave you with this:

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