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Alison Brie and Her Low-Hanging Boobs ... Fruit. I Meant FRUIT. DAMNIT

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 3, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 3, 2011 |

Over on Movieline, Jen Yamato wheedles an insanely candid interview out of Universal Chief Ron Meyer, who — among other things — admits that Wolfman was “crappy,” that Benecio Del Toro “stunk” and that, along with Babe 2, it was one of the “shittiest movies” they ever put out. Hey! I liked Babe 2. (Movieline)

So, you’re probably sick of Alison Brie’s boobs by now, yes? What if I were to tell you that she wore a low-cut blouse and talked about the kinship she has with her boobs? Would that change your mind? No. You’re done. OK. Fair enough. (WarmingGlow)

Martin Schoeller is really great at unearthing the flaws of celebrities in his photography, which has a way of bringing out their humanity, which in turn kind of makes them even more beautiful. Except for Paris Hilton. She’s just ugly. (Unreality)

Bond 23 officially has a title now. It’s better than most, actually. Do you wanna know what it is? Clickety click. (Slashfilm)

This Homeric retelling of “Jersey Shore,” compliments of noodlestein is like fattening you up with intelligence before slaughtering you to eat your stupidity. (Vanity Fair)

I don’t typically try to force our own pieces on you folks, but I’ve been plugging the hell out of Steven’s “What Superheroes Mean” post because it’s a fine example of brilliant web writing that it both thoughtful and germane to pop culture, and I don’t want it to get lost amidst the 10 Worst this and the 30 Best that. (Pajiba)

We all hate crying babies, but we tolerate them because they’re babies. But not this bus driver, which led to kind of an amazing turn of events in Portland, Oregon that ever-so-briefly renews my faith in humanity. (Snide Remarks)

Oh, and I curated this list over on Uproxx: 21 Dreadful Performances Phoned In By Truly Great Actors. (Uproxx)

He’s completely unrecognizable beneath the Santa suit, but Judd Nelson is making a Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel. Oh, it stings. (Pop Candy)

Oh, and speaking of Pop Candy, they’re doing a poll based on our 30 Most Rewatchable Films of the Modern Era list. Our number one places second, but another film is running away with the title. Oh, and for the record: I pulled The Fifth Element from the list at the last second yesterday in favor of something else. I clearly shouldn’t have. (Pop Candy)

Oh, Lady Gaga: Just cut it out. (Evil Beet)

Here’s a question: Should a critic have to see everything (even, say, Bucky Larson) before voting on end-of-year awards? I dunno. I see pretty much everything, and I don’t vote on awards, but I will stand in solidarity against arrogant critics anyway! Just not the elitist ones because … (Shockya)

A couple of days ago, we learned that J.K. Rowling almost killed Ron Weasley. As it turns out, there was another major character she almost killed, as well. (Moviefone)

Here’s a heartwarming note, via MM: The Wayward Coffee House, a sci-fi coffee shop and once home of the Seattle Browncoats, is re-opening in Seattle. (Rosiehood)

I don’t … what? Gus Van Sant will direct a Taylor Lautner vehicle. Huh? Did he lose a bet? Did someone pee in his bug? What’s going on here, folks? (FSR)

Don’t you wish you could go back to 1983 and order everything from the Apple Gift Catalog? Well, you can’t. But this is the next best thing. (Go To Public School)

I don’t have a video for you today, folks. Instead, I have a picture, because I wanted to see what would happen if you witness all three of these men, wearing suits, in the same photograph.


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