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Alison Brie and Her Girls Put On Quite the Show, Folks

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 9, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 9, 2012 |

Our new guy, Josh Kurp, saw Alison Brie’s band, The Girls, perform this weekend in New York. It was the bands’ first public performance, and they played one of Donald Glover’s songs. However, it was our pal Joel Murphy who caught up with her and got the interview. It’s good. (HoboTrashcan)

You’ll just have to trust me when I say this is great, and click on over to confirm: A photographer takes before and after pictures of the same person as an adult posing alongside a picture of themselves as a child. It’s really cool. (Irina Werning)

I went on a little rant over on WG after some dipshit novelist claimed he understood why “The Big Bang Theory” performs so much better in the ratings than “Community.” His argument? Because he thinks “The Big Bang Theory” celebrates otherness while “Community” stars a guy who looks like he’d steal your lunch money. Please join me in pissing in that novelist’s Cheerios. (WarmingGlow)

Pajiba darling David Tennant starred in a commercial for Virgin Media that gently and humorously exploits the “Doctor Who” association. The BBC, living up to the stereotype about uptight Brits with corn cobs up their asses, is furious. (Flick Filosopher)

You’ll never guess what accounts for 30 percent of all Internet traffic. If you said cute kitties, well, you’re only half right. (That joke is a lot more tasteless if you click on the link. YOU’RE WELCOME) (NY Post)

AN INTERNET FIRST: JLo Ho — she of The Client List — had her boob-sized reduced in ads for EW (Adfreak)

Chandler Bing dances on ALL the things. Oh, Internet: You will NEVER run out of material, will you? (Uproxx)

One of the many tips I failed to include in that parenting piece last week is that, once your child reaches around three or four years of age, you will spend the better part of your life cutting off crusts. Why does your child make you do this? Because, contrary to scientific belief, babies ARE NOT born with a sense of right and wrong. They are sadistic little shits. (HuffPo)

Our friends over on FSR have put up this post in celebration of the rise of Zombie Jesus: 10 Incredibly Cool Movie Easter Eggs for Which to Hunt (FilmSchoolRejects)

No offense to our gamer friends, but the very concept of this list does not compute in my brain: Five Moments in Video Games that Can Make Grown Men Cry (Unreality)

Anne Hathaway, who is already in the process of losing a lot of weight for her role in Les Mes, has now lopped off her locks, once again reminding us all of the horrors of “Felicity” season two. (Celebitchy)

Sci-fi fans looking for a good read may want to check out this year’s Hugo Award nominees, but please don’t hold their nomination of Captain America against them. (The Film Experience)

Here’s a fun fact about myself that absolutely no one could possibly give a shit about: I eat, on average, 24 yogurts a week. Always from Trader Joe’s. I prefer it to Greek Yogurt, which I really don’t care for. However, if it’s your bag, Ben and Jerry’s has a line of Greek Yogurt out now. Hot Ink has a review. (Hot Ink)

The guy who directed Dear Zachary has a sci-fi film coming out, described as a cross between Memento and Groundhog Day. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve watching Dear Zachary in reverse over and over and over again because the inability to kill myself would swallow my soul. (Slashfilm)

Take this with a grain of salt, stick the grain in your eyeball, and try to stab it with an ice pick: Rumors suggest there is a Raging Bull sequel in development and casting is underway. (Geeks of Doom)

Breaking: Facebook has just purchased Instagram for $1 billion. ONE BILLION DOLLARS.


So that people can more easily share photos on their iPhones within Facebook. Why are we all so obsessed with sharing photos, anyway? It’s as though our identities are now defined by the photos we share of ourselves. One bad angle, and our personal brand identities are RUINED. There’s the germ of a think piece: Our obsession with showing the world pictures of our dogs. Get on that, SLW.

A new book claims that “Mama’s Boys” are more well adjusted and communicative. Also, virgins. (Nerve)

Fans of “Frasier” may be aware that many of the callers to Frasier Crane’s radio show were celebrities. Here’s a rundown of them all.

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