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Ah, My Least Favorite Olivia, We Meet Again

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 13, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 13, 2011 |

Honestly, is there anyone you would rather have crash your party than Bill Murray? No, right? Me neither. This story is too righteous to be believed, but there is massive photographic evidence. I mean, this is right up there with Bill Murray showing up to pour your coffee. (The Chive)

The good folks in Australia (particularly Queensland) have been beset by massive flooding. Hey man, even sometime (not really) Pajibadversary, Kevin Smith, is lending a helping hand. If you have some spare sheckles to rub together, please consider helping out by clicking on the link and sending a donation their way. Melbourne reader TallulahBelle sent us this story and promises she’s safe and on dry land. (DOOOO EEEEEET)

I’m trying to work through my issues with Olivia Munn. I appreciate that she advocates nerd culture but I find myself not nearly as charmed with her as she appears to be with herself. But, kids, some of you dig her, and this link is delectably NSFW if, you know, you sort of squint your eyes a bit and cock your head to one side. (Celebitchy)

Hokay, I just wrote a rather detailed explanation of this link, but the science and the maths are not only slightly above my comfort level, but also make the link seem incredibly dry and boring. But, trust me, you should click and check out this elegant visual depiction of common three word phrases from Google’s book archive. This particular image reveals that “he” is often followed by “argues” and “she” is often followed by “loves.” Things that make you go “hmmmmmm?” (Chris Harrison)

Monsieur James Franco, charming actor, middling novelist and baffling soap star, is also a performance artist. Is this common knowledge? He and his partner, Kalup Linzy,
have a facebook page
, y’all, so you know it’s deadly serious. The real news is that they plan to perform at The Golden Globes this Sunday. If their performance is anywhere near as gobsmackingly weird as this video (wherein Kalup kills it and Franco musters the energy to fill out a tux and do a lackluster handjive) I’m in. I’m so in. (Monsters and Critics)

What to get the overlord and evil mastermind who has everything? His own tentacle-y throne, of course. D. Rowles, I’m shipping this to you, overnight delivery. (NOTCOT)

But is not Oasis the greatest British band since the Beatles? Can we not vote on this?! They are, alas, no longer, but Liam Gallagher’s “new” project, Beady Eye (it’s everyone from Oasis except Noel), certainly works the Beatles angle in this video. I dig the song, I really do, but I’m confounded as to why they appear to be performing in a frigid recording studio. (Gigwise)

So some scientist got sauced on the job and ended up making a somewhat (possibly?!?) significant discovery. Really? You’re allowed to party in the lab? That’s it, everyone, stand back, I’m going to try science. (io9)

Yesterday, during his speech in Tucson, President Obama said, “Make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.” You know what heals, my kittens? This speech. So, when you have a half an hour to spare, crack it open like an aloe leaf and rub it all over your woundy soul. Warning, side affects may include a mad case of the weepies. (MSNBC)

I also find, when I’m feeling woundy, that nothing soothes the ravaged me like some heart-pluckin’ music. One of my favorite albums from the past few years was the soundtrack to the film Once. Because the film is now being made into a Broadway musical, I have an excuse to post this song like it’s not two years old and has been played eleventy-billion times. So we’ll have Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova plays us out today. Much love to you all.

Joanna Robinson didn’t mean to turn into such a bummer today. If you’re feeling glum, you can go check out Olivia Munn is her skivvies again. Let me know what you think of them skivvs here: [email protected]

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