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After Meeting with Ukrainian President, Ashton Kutcher Shares His Thoughts On Trump's Impeachment

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 25, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | September 25, 2019 |


This has been quite the day, has it not? Dustin has put in some serious time reporting on the Stupid Watergate of 2019. If anything good comes out of all this (I mean, besides the obvious of Trump being removed from Office and then forcibly dragged away in handcuffs) there’s the idea of a real-life Veep scenario and Nancy Pelosi becoming president. - (TMS)

Speaking of Stupid Watergate, only in 2019 could the star of That’70s Show, Ashton Kutcher, somehow get mixed up in the impeachment business, but he and his wife Mila Kunis just happened to meet with the President of Ukraine last week, and Kutcher is on the impeachment train. (TooFab)

Kutcher has had a weirdly busy year.

Part of me is dying to see Bombshell and part of me is really dreading it. ALL of me is digging Charlize’s current haircut and that orange jacket/black pants ensemble. - (Lainey)

Baby Archie is 100% me in this picture. “Oh, we’re meeting Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town and Nobel Peace Laureate today? I’m so looking forward to meeting Desmond TutCUPCAKES!!” - (GFY)

Babies don’t like grass? I don’t know if this is a universal thing or not, but these babies are expert-level gymnasts avoiding the grass and it is hilarious! - (Buzzfeed)

This may only be a product a few people are interested in, but it was like some marketing genius reached directly into my brain and conjured this for me: Caffeinated Greek Yogurt - (IB)

This. Story. Is. Bonkers. Have you heard about the adopted daughter from Ukraine who may have been a child/may have been a sociopathic adult masquerading as a child? - (Refinery 29)

This is scary - the US military warned troops about potential violence from incels at opening night screenings of Joker. I guess civilians don’t rate a warning. - (i09)

Oprah got pneumonia! She’s better now, but wants you to get your flu shots, people. - (Celebitchy)

Reminder: Dan, Tori, and Dustin have launched a TV podcast, and you should listen, if people at varying levels of tipsy talking about TV is your thing. (Podjiba)

Jesus, Dean McDermott, shut up! You’re grossing everybody out. - (Dlisted)

Did you read Judy Blume’s books growing up? Malin did not, but she picked up the often challenged, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret recently. The 1970 YA book about a 12-year-old girl who talks to God as she works out her confusions about living in a new place, new friends, boys, puberty and menstruation has been challenged for discussions of sex and anti-Christian themes. Malin can see how it would be meaningful to read at 12, but at close to 40, "I kept waiting for Margaret to get a clue about her judgy so-called friends and realise what a good thing she had with her supportive parents and cool paternal grandmother."  (Cannonball Read 11)

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