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Adrien Brody If You Could Dial The Douche Back To 11, This Imaginary Relationship Can Continue Apace

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 6, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 6, 2011 |

Morning my snide snappers ‘n hysterical hissers, happy Friday. We’re two days away from Mother’s Day, my loves. I feel very cozy and maternal towards all of you so if you wanted to get me any of these gifts, I would not say nay. (Design Sponge)

Or you can just tie Adrien Brody up in a bow for me, that would be pleasant. Please make sure he shaves first. Oh and dresses properly…or…you know…not at all. MOOOOMMMMM, GROOOOOOSSSS. (Celebitchy)

Well, I guess we can count ourselves lucky that he’s not wearing PajamaJeans, but what’s with all the scarves? Is he hiding something? A hickey? A goiter? I’d rather he use this Godtopus-approved cravat. (Etsy)

Maybe Brody can take some sartorial cues from the Eleventh Doctor. Fezzes are way cooler than scarves. Speaking of my man Smith, his is not the ONLY face on this delightful tumblr (sent to me by my Lobster, Patty O’Green), but it’s certainly the most prevalent. It’s a pretty stupid face. (Stupid Faces of Doctor Who)

You know what? I think Lady Gaga is pretty much a stupidface, by the way. Fresh off the heels of a controversy where she’s accused of ripping off Madonna, she releases a video where she’s making sex all over a Christ figure?! She’s just messing with us now, right? Right. (Evil Beet)

The Ghey People like Lady Gaga, right? You know what else They like? EQUAL F*CKING RIGHTS. Brazil takes a step in that direction. Bom trabalho, Brasil. (Washington Post)

Equal rights are pretty swanky, doncha think? This British reporter, however, thinks that people who are too poor to pay taxes should not be allowed to vote. Yes, let’s further disenfranchise the disenfrachised. What’s the worst that could happen? Revolution? Uprising? Guillotine-ing? Cool, I’ve got some knitting to catch up on. (Telegraph)

You know who deserves a good guillotine-ing, the *ssholes behind this Lara Croft reboot. Is this necessary? No. But I do know that Megan Fox’s bust grew three sizes this day. Swelling with hope and silicone. (/Film)

It’s not all terribad movie news, check out the voice talent lined up for the new Aardman Animations film. I love them more than Pixar. Is that blasphemy? Probably. (BBC)

But more than anything, my dears, you know I Love Charts. Check out this great tumblr of hand-drawn charts including a very special one for my girl Court Enlow. (When The What?)

This sort of video isn’t usually my style, but I am so drunk on the Obama Kool-Aid that it made me sort of bounce up and down in my chair. So enjoy. OH YEEEAAAHHHHH.

And, finally, you KNOW I don’t do cute animal videos but this one caught me by surprise when I was watching Hulu yesterday. IT’S REALLY CUTE YOU GUYS. So, with apologies, talking kittehs.

Joanna Robinson apologizes for typing “kitteh.” She knows not what she does. Email! Twitter!

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