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Actual Proof That There Are No More Harrison Fords Left In the World

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | January 11, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | January 11, 2016 |

While we all mourn the loss of David Bowie, let’s take a quick second to honor his coats, his eye patches, and his perfect friendship with Tilda Swinton. (Go Fug Yourself)

If you need one more big cry today, listen to these isolated vocals for a beautifully simple a cappella “Starman.” (BuzzFeed)

The short list for the young Han Solo spinoff and it’s just a laughable look at what happens when a studio tries to cast a 20-25 year old guy who kinda looks like a young Harrison Ford but doesn’t really seem to understand anything about charm or attitude or general Fordness. I like a lot of these kids, but Miles Teller? Ansel Elgort? These are Skywalkers, not Solos. Are there even any actors this young, white, and pretty (since those seem to be the strict studio guidelines) who could pass for a Solo? Is that type completely dead? (Variety)

Is The Revenant (and a bunch of other big movies from 2015) really based on a true story? Well, kinda. Sort of a mix between true story and total bullshit. You’re shocked, I know. (Cracked)

All of the most garbage people in Making a Murderer, ranked. Could anyone else possibly end up in the #1 spot? No, right? Never. (The Frisky)

One of the biggest surprises of last night’s Golden Globes was the win for Mozart in the Jungle. If you’re wondering now if the show is worth watching, Dustin says yes, not because it’s great, but kind of because it’s not great. (Uproxx)

This half pint beer glass is nothing but pure brilliance. Also, if you’re thinking about clicking through on that first “See also” link to see what a British cat pub looks like, OF COURSE YOU WANT TO DO THAT. (Mashable)

Finally, a scientific look at why we want to murder adorable things. (Inverse)

Also from Inverse, what those Oregon Militia idiots can learn from the 1960s Native American occupation of Alcatraz. Which, in case you’re one of the many, MANY Americans who have never even heard of this, is a real thing that happened. (Inverse)

I know most of us have very strong feelings about “kids today” and all the things we were allowed to do and places we could go alone when we were children. Here’s a look, though, at the actual legal complications of “free range parenting.” (The Atlantic)

What could kick off Cannonball Read better than gay airplane erotica? How about dinosaur porn! Yes, it’s true, Cannonballer kdm is back with a review of another book by Chuck Tingle. Dr. Tingle (no, really) is apparently known for 4 types of erotica: dinosaurs, unicorns, bigfeet and living objects. Check out her first CBR8 review to find out if whether kdm thinks airplanes or dinosaurs are sexier, AND just what field Tingle has his Ph.D. in. (Cannonball Read 8)

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