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A Sweaty David Tennant In Leather Pants May Only Be Reason Number Ten Why You Should See Fright Night, But He's A Perfect Ten.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 24, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 24, 2011 |

Hello honeys! Did you vote for Skyler Durden and Tammy yesterday in the “Mad Men” casting contest? Good. DO IT AGAIN TODAY. After you do that, you get to read the new David Thorne. His fingers drip with hilarity. (27b/6)

Speaking of hilarity, I’m sorry my delicate East Seaboard flowers, but this earthquake situation is still cracking me up. It’s not you. I’m sure it was super scary and I once thought a particularly loud thunderclap was a terrorist attack, so I’m with you. It’s THEM. THE MEDIA. I’ve come across eleventy billion stories this morning about earthquake preparedness etc. So, yes, folks, I know, I know, the quake caused a crack in our nation’s phallus, but let’s get a grip. On ourselves. Not the phallus. Here’s the least useless story I read which is bout an iPhone app that warns you seconds before an earthquake hits. I say just get a lemur. (GOOD)

What’s that, 3 For $10? I thought those things were free.

Well, okay, after hospital costs and food and clothing and FINE. $10 is a bargain. SOLD. You wanna talk about destruction, though, where’s the blog dedicated to sh*t kids destroy? Right? I mean where’s the real tru-oh, hey! Here it is! (The Curious Brain)

Speaking of kids, here’s an Oatmeal comic that sticks it to all the teenaged gamers out there. S*ck it n00bc*cks. (Oatmeal)

Because you know what grown-up geeks get to do if they wanna? Watch Star Wars XXX at the Exxxotica Convention. “Lady geeks can get into EXXXOTICA free on Friday.” So, um, LA-based ladies, who’s going to go cover this event for Pajiba? I will pay you ALL the Monopoly monies. (Bleeding Cool)

Did I just go from talking about kids to talking about porn? SHORE DID! That’s Pajiba Love. And while we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting article about the Wikipedia page for “Lolita.” Apparently it’s been edited 2,303 times. Thanks mswas. (The Awl)

Speaking of editing, RUMOR HAS IT that George Lucas has added some more unwanted bits to the Star Wars Blu-Ray edition. I’m not buying, Lucas. In the words of another famous George, “Jar Jar me once, shame on you, Jar Jar me twice, well, um, that’s a shame or something.” (Nerd Approved)

Listen, okay, it’s fun to mock the GOP (Like, really fun. Like BINGO fun.), but Seth sent me this very thoughtful piece on asymmetric insight and the “Us vs. Them” mentality and I think it’s well worth your time. (You Are Not So Smart)

Because most days, you know, I just want to preach a little peace love and understanding. Doctors have confirmed that there were no illegal drugs in Amy Winehouse’s system when she died. I’m not saying her substance abuse didn’t play a role (it most certainly did), but maybe this news will quiet all the hateful cries of “JUNKIE.” (Evil Beet)

No? Okay, fine, I’ll just drown them out with my new 10th Anniversary O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack. So damn good. (NPR)

While we’re on the subject of bluegrass, there are at least 99 reasons to see Fright Night, and this closing credits song is one.

Finally, my darlings n00bc*cks, I don’t play video games at all, but word on the street is that this Portal fan video r0xx0rs, or something. So this one’s for you:

Joanna Robinson also thinks you should see Fright Night for the witty banter (really!), Toni Collette, the perfect amount of McLovin’, a tasty cameo and, to quote Optimus Rhyme, Anton Yelchin’s wispy sideburns.

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