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A Red Sun Rises, Blood Has Been Spilled This Prom Night

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 1, 2011 |

Oh my fonts of film knowledge. My pretty plethoras of pop-cultural potpourri. It seems, these days, that half the internet is obsessed with making a delicious frappe out of the various films, books, and TV shows that we love. “Doctor Who” meets Back To The Future! Etc. etc. Sometimes it’s a tasty blend, my loves, and sometimes it’s like a Minty Orange Julius. Gross. But that header photo mashing Carrie with Shaun of the Dead? That made me laugh. Here are some other entries in a series of “mismatched subtitles.” (Unreality)

I’m afraid George Lucas’s proposed live-action Star Wars TV show which he is calling “Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space” will be SUCH a Minty Orange Julius. He also threatened that the show could go on for twenty years. Is there no end to your villainy, Lucas? (Warming Glow)

Though, if Lucas’s live-action show stars this cutie R2-D2 cosplayer, I might be able to get behind it. And in front of it. Basically, all over it. (Fashionably Geek)

A pop-cultural mash-up I can definitely approve of is the moment in this Bruno Mars video where the lovely Leonard Nimoy does an homage to Taxi Driver using “live long and prosper” finger guns. Honestly, why have I had to wait nearly 30 years of my life to type the phrase “‘live long and prosper’ finger guns?” (Trek Movie)

I probably could have gone my whole life without seeing this Rock of Ages image. I thought the movie was supposed to be about musicians but now I’m thinking Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand play basement-dwelling psychopathic murderers. Brand looks rather dainty and I bet he makes Baldwin dig all the body-hiding holes. (Evil Beet)

Speaking of psychopaths, Wired has released a list of film psychopaths, one for each year going back 40 years. I cannot disagree with their choice for 2011 (from my favorite film of the year!), but was Liev Schreiber’s bland turn in Salt really the best 2010 had to offer? (Wired)

Speaking of psychopaths, has there ever been a movie starring psychopathic twins? I mean an actual one with a budget and craft service and stuff. Someone needs to get on that. It would be the pinnacle of scary. In the meantime, here are some other pop-cultural twins to consider. Needs a bit more Schwarzenegger/DeVito if you ask me. (Mr. Whaite)


If someone DOES do a psychopathic twins movie, I pray to cod it’s not Guillermo Del Toro. My heart couldn’t stand the palpitations. The man ruined eyeballs and now he has his creep-inducing mits all over Pinocchio. Seriously, get some strings, hold that thing down. (io9)

I can only hope that Pinocchio abomination won’t be in 3-D. Good news, though, 3-D is on the decline. Probably. Possibly. Maybe. My nausea hopes so. (NYT)

Speaking of illness, Vermont will be instituting a single-payer healthcare system. (I say hooray! You don’t? Okay.) GOOD has a breakdown of why this system will work in Vermont, but maybe not in your state. Spoiler Alert: It’s not about syrup. I thought for sure the secret would be syrup. (GOOD)

I <3 Vermont. In this adorkable breakdown of 50 state stereotypes in two minutes I would have said, “Vermont, we’re more betterer and socially liberal than you are. Suck on our delectable ice cream.” This guy went in a different direction. The Minnesota one killed me.

I wish he had waited until after he saw this story to make that video because “Utah: We’ve Got Horse Herpes” would have been glorious. No, seriously, watch this video about Horse Herpies and Stick Ponies. I, I just have no words.

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Joanna Robinson has a few more words. They’re about Bruno Mars. Is he Jason Mraz douchey or Michael Buble douchey? Or is he both? Some sort of douchotomy? Let her know where he falls on the douchespectrum here: [email protected]

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