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A Double Dose Of Daniel Craig: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Photos And Sh*t Talking The Kardashians

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 30, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 30, 2011 |

Hot on the heels of Tintin on a Tauntaun, comes this Rudolph The Red-Nosed Tauntaun.
Is there some sort of Tauntaunaissance a-happenin’ and no one thought to tell me? (Neatorama)

I hate everyone they’re considering for the role of Eponine in the new Les Miserables film. EVERYONE. At the very least, I can look forward to a little fall of schadenfreude. (Moviefone)

Some 14 year-old pepper sprayed her classmates and sent them to the hospital. Without knowing her motivation (could be self-defense…maybe), I’m starting to think that we, the American public, should not be allowed to carry mace. (Gothamist)

Apparently the Egyptians feel their government should not be allowed to have tear gas. Several dock workers refused to process a shipment of the gas from America as a form of civil disobedience. I dig. (Boing Boing)

Are you still watching “The Walking Dead?” WHYYYYY? Is it for Glen? Is it for (as my friends put it) “that Boondocks Saints guy?” Well then okay. But, I have to agree with this breakdown of TWD’s most annoying characters. ANDREEEAAAA. (FSR)

Speaking of Andrea, check out Zombie Attack Barbie. All she’s missing is some tear gas. (Laughing Squid)

Many thanks to BierceAmbrose for sending me this Susannah Breslin article about her breasts, mammograms and cancer. It’s beautifully written. (Forbes)

Speaking of anatomy, check out this staggering heart embroidery from Andrea Dezso. I want in on SOMETHING. (Street Anatomy)

MovieLine has a great gallery of photos from The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo including the one above of Lisbeth and Mikael beaten to a bloody pulp. The whole enterprise looks very, well, Finchery. (MovieLine)

Also, when describing his own wish for privacy, Daniel Craig referred to the Kardashians as f*cking idiots. Can we disagree? No we cannot. He’s also very sweet about Rachel Weisz in this interview for British GQ. (Celebitchy)

I was just talking about The Book Of Kells yesterday (like you do) and today I stumbled on a “Game Of Thrones” inspired print done in the Kells style. What are the bloody odds? You can purchase it here. (Mudron)

Speaking of artwork from shows I love, check out this incredible TARDIS bookcase. I know my standards are pretty low when it comes to “Doctor Who” things, but this one is actually fantastic. (Technabob)

I know Midwesterners. Some of my best friends are Midwesterners. So I definitely recognize the brittle, chipper tone in this video. (Chipper as in, “I’m two seconds aways from stuffing you into the wood chipper, donchaknow.”)

This video is a little cheesy even for my taste. But I *do* love me some Disney and, um, a Pajiba staffer sent it to me. AND I LOVE THAT HE DID. We’re all goo on the inside around here, I promise you.

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