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Look, You Work Your Side Of The Street And I'll Work Mine

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 10, 2011 |

You know when someone draws a comparison that you hadn’t thought of but now can never unsee? Check out this sketch of Doctor Who as the Cat in the Hat. He wears a tall, stripey hat now. Tall, stripey hats are cool. (i09)

Um, so Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens didn’t break up? Did break up? Are having ex sex? Are people I should care about? I’m not certain, but I thought you should know. (Celebitchy)

I was going to write a sentence that involved the words “shiny” and “‘verse,” but you have to be Kaylee cute to pull that sh*t off. Kaylee cute I am not. So, look! Firefly the Complete Series! For super cheap! Get it today! (Amazon)

When you’re at your lowest and contemplating your life choices and wondering iffin’ you’re a good person and whether or not some of the mistakes you’ve made will haunt you for the rest of your life, please take comfort in the fact that you haven’t, as a fully grown adult, permanently inked your back with the many faces of Edward Cullen. (Get Reading)

I kind of wish all NPR stories were animated thusly. Check out this neat story on how everyone has trouble walking a straight line. Unless you’re Johnny Cash. I mean, they don’t come right out and say the thing about Johnny Cash, but I feel it’s implied. (Boing Boing)

Hella mad wicked props to Pinky McLadybits for pointing out this awesome shirt. I’m not usually one to proselytize my religious beliefs, but I felt His tentacle-y appendage on the shoulder of my soul and knew he wanted me to wear it. For the greater good…the greater good. (Woot)

Fair warning, you fragile Pajiban china dolls, I found this video absolutely distressing. In Georgia (no, not the peachy one, the frosty one), a calf was born with two-heads. This is some freaky footage, folks…how far is Georgia from Chernobyl? Borscht for thought. (NBC)

Check out Audiosuede’s Best Albums of 2010. Along with some of my personal favorites (The National, Mumford and Sons, Broken Bells, etc.) there are some groups I haven’t even heard of. Which is exciting. To the Pandoras!!! (Audiosuede)

This is my absolute favorite wholly unsubstantiated rumor of 2011. We* were all, were we* not, considerably disappointed when Ryan Reynolds not only dated Scarlett Johansson, but then married her? (*By we, I mean Dustin, obvs.) Well the possibly fraudulent word on the street is that he and America’s non-cleavagy non-slut-bomb Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, have a thing going on. I’d like to think Dustin gives them his blessing. (Hollywood Gossip)

A moment here to recognize the passing of Dick Winters, the WWII veteran that Damien Lewis’ character in “Band of Brothers” was based on. (Hitflix) (Thanks, Tariq)

English director Peter Yates died yesterday at the age of 82. Yates had a truly impressive body of work but is perhaps best-known for revolutionizing the action sequence with 1968’s Bullitt. Alas, your friendly neighborhood link wench is more interested in bike races than car chases and so brings you a snippet from Breaking Away, one of my all-time favorite films. Underdogs! Faux Italians! Quarries! Working class angst! Baby-faced Daniel Stern, Dennis Quaid and Jackie Earle Haley!! If this clip whets your appetite (it’s a stone-cutting pun, folks), the film is available on Netflix Instant for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t Forget to Punch the Clock
Breaking Away at

But perhaps, perhaps, you prefer your Yates cheesy and space operatic. So here’s a Krull clip for you. I’ll let James Horner play us out.

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