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Eva Mendes, The Chick Who Laid The Golden Goose

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 10, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | October 10, 2011 |

I’m sorry about that headline, folks. There was something about the blend of fairytale and salacious celebrity gossip that I could not resist. Anyway, allegedly, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been knocking tha boots for a little while. Can you blame them? (Evil Beet) Speaking of Gosling, have you seen this phenomenal new tumblr riffing on his “Hey Girl” meme? I stole it from Angeleno Ewok. (Feminist Ryan Gosling)

In other Baby Goose news, the lovely Nathaniel Rogers has an exhaustive post on the top actors under 35. It’s a phenomenal article and shows off Nathaniel’s encyclopedic knowledge of cinema both current and classic. Also, I mean, I’m not going to argue with his number one pick. (Towleroad)

Being a pop culture junkie and unapologetic fan of puns and portmanteaus, I couldn’t resist this site. Caution, some mildly NSFW cartoons amidst the “Air Gorgon,” “Buffalo Bill & Ted,” and “Dr. Whoxtable.” (Gallery 1988)

Has any one character inspired more fan artwork than Ron F*cking Swanson? Here’s a breakfast food-themed one courtesy of megandoodle. (Etsy)

Speaking of fan art, I’m hugely impressed by these sci-fi portraits. (The Curious Brain)

Finally, we’ve got not one, but two Dr. Seuss spoofs, the Lovecraftian “Call Of The Cthulhu and the possibly also NSFW puberty-centric “Now That You’re Big.”

This, I promise, is the last NSFW link. While the images are sliiiightly porny (no nudity), the real focus is the fake blackboards used in the films/promo shots. I wouldn’t click on the link if your boss has a site tracker given, you know, the word “porn” in the link title. But the whole project cracked me up. Thanks, Other Greg! (Blackboards In Porn)

Speaking of academic writing, here’s a lovely snapshot of the difference between technical and literary writing. (The High Definite)

Of course, they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, how many do you think these Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition entries are worth? (The Big Picture)

While we’re on the subject of photography, here is a lovely series called “Victorians Smiling.” Part One and Part Two.

This story, sent to me by my sister, made me smile. Love can happen at any age, no matter how muppety you look. (The Daily)

Bierce Ambrose sent me this lovely article on Sarah Palin’s decision to sit out the 2012 Presidential Race. Come for the politics, stay for the wholly unexpected Eat, Pray, Love snark. (Washington Post)

Candygram. (io9)

As much as I loved Trent Reznor’s score for The Social Network, I think I love this sample from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo more. Free mp3 for anyone who is interested. It’s good moody music for your cube. (Dragon Tattoo)

Remember how I mentioned love at any age? Here it is, an older couple playing a piano duet. Thanks, MelBivDevoe.

And, finally, while we’re on the subject of music, here’s a history of lyrics which aren’t words. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye, y’all.

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