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How Do You Treat Yourself On Treat Yo' Self Day? (2017 Edition)

By Brian Richards | Overlord Conversations | October 13, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | Overlord Conversations | October 13, 2017 |

It is that time of year once again, when October 13th comes around and all of us inhabitants of the planet Earth celebrate one of the greatest holidays in all of existence, a holiday that has been in existence since 2011 thanks to Parks & Recreation, one of the greatest television sitcoms in all of existence. And that holiday is…Treat Yo’Self Day.


For you uncultured swine out there who still don’t know what Treat Yo’ Self Day is, let Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle explain it to you…

To briefly take our minds off of what has been an emotionally and psychologically draining week for so many people and for so many reasons, I decided to ask my fellow Overlords, much like I asked them last year:

If you didn’t give a damn about your checking and savings accounts, what would you treat yo’ self to on Treat Yo’ Self Day?

(And for the Overlords who don’t like or agree with the Parks & Recreation characters chosen to represent each and every one of you…blame Steven for that, because it was all his idea)

giphy (25).gif

Jodi: You know those HUGE statues that are basically life-size at FYE? I would buy the Deadpool, the Harley, and the Batman. TREAT YO’SELF. But if we’re talking Real Life, probably Lush bath bombs.

Once a year I do something fun with my hair color. It’s stupid expensive for hair, so that’s why it is only once a year, but I FEEL SO FREEEE WITH NEW HAIR COLORS HAPPENING! TREAT YO’SELF!


Dustin: A nap. Not one of those “fell asleep at your laptop for a few minutes watching Star Trek” kind either. Like, an honest to goodness “3-hour in the middle of the day naps where you wake up and it’s dark out and you end up staying up all night because you’re not tired but then you’re bloody exhausted the next day” naps.

That, or wake up on a Saturday and marathon some shitty reality competition show and never get off the couch for days.

God, I miss my twenties.


Tori: Sometimes I think the greatest indulgence is not having to leave the house or put on real clothes. Like, when you change out of dirty pajamas and straight into fresh pajamas? that’s the shit right there. God I’m dull.

Oooo, also? Not accomplishing your ” to do” list. Like, say it’s Saturday and you have a bunch of chores and shit that you know you should be doing, like laundry and mopping and grocery shopping and maybe fixing that broken chair you keep meaning to get to, and then you just… don’t do any of it? I love that.

Like, it’s not enough to be lazy and do nothing. It’s better when you do nothing IN SPITE OF HAVING ACTUAL SHIT YOU SHOULD DO!

Oooh also, Treat Yo’ Self to a sword specifically made to open champagne!


TK: Good booze. If we haven’t touched on it before, if there’s a kind of drink you like? Once in a great while (or more depending on your sitch), buy a bottle of the good stuff and make it last.


Petr: I am a simple man. My Treat Yo’ Self Day will begin like most of my days do, and which is a treat in itself: With a bike ride to a pre-work gym session. After the work day is over, I’m gonna take my girlfriend for Mexican and then we’ll be off to sink some pints in a metal bar while listening to the very loud Iron Maiden and Metallica tracks that I’m continuously going to request they play. Simple. Job done.


Ursula: I’ve been making cookie dough, shaping the dough into cookies, and then freezing them. And every night, I’ll grab two out of the freezer, and bake them for a after-dinner treat. Freshly baked cookies every day!


Seth: I just finished watching the HBO Spielberg doc. It’s really good. Treat yourself to that this weekend, it’s a nice pallet cleanser for the misery of the world around us right now….

drink in silence.gif

(I couldn’t decide which Parks & Recreation character I would be, so I just went with Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Which really isn’t that much of a stretch.)

Brian: After this week, I treated myself to all things Wonder Woman. I bought the film on Blu-ray, I bought Wonder Woman: The Art and Making Of The Film by Sharon Gosling, so that my cat Hunter has something lovely and informative to look at on the coffee table that she’s not allowed to walk on but walks on anyway, and Wonder Woman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition in hardcover by Greg Rucka (one of the very best comic-book writers to ever put pen to paper) and Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp (whose artwork is absolutely nothing to scoff at). I’ll neither confirm nor deny that I’ll be wearing one of my many Wonder Woman T-shirts and spinning around with my arms out at least once while watching Wonder Woman on Blu-ray sometime this weekend.

Buying a stun gun for every woman I know to use for self-defense however and whenever they see fit. Because as this past week has reminded us, there are far too many fuckboys out there who make it necessary to have to even entertain the thought of buying stun guns for every woman I know and giving them out as gifts in order to help them feel safe.

Going to California for the very first time and paying a cab driver to drive me to every destination I so desire a la Jamie Foxx in Collateral, minus the gunfights and the death, so that I can try out ALL of the food that is held in such high regard.

An extra room in my apartment which I would just turn into a library to keep all of my books, and all of the Funko Pop figurines positioned on the bookshelves as they keep vigil over said books.

Getting a full eight hours of sleep. Even if that once again involves having to sleep in fetal position because my cat Hunter has to sleep right next to me and hog my side of the damn bed! (Stupid, beautiful cats and their need for human attention and love)

Tacos. Because tacos make everything better!


Steven: Sobbing uncontrollably in the dark while wearing a Batman costume like so…


I’m pretty sure that Treat Yo’ Self Day is supposed to bring you joy and happiness, but…if that’s your chosen way of celebrating the day, then…


…who am I to say a damn thing about it?

And now we once again leave it to you in the Comments section: how would you treat yourself on Treat Yo’ Self Day?

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