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Which Movie or TV Character's Wardrobe Do You Covet the Most?

By Emily Cutler | Overlord Conversations | September 21, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Overlord Conversations | September 21, 2016 |

Lat Sunday’s season- and almost certainly series-finale of BrainDead didn’t just see the end of one TV’s best political satires and my favorite summer show. It also saw the end of the best goddamn wardrobe on TV. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as the documentarian-turned-Senate staffer, had The. Best. Outfits. Full stop.


Classically chic, while being just a little funky, Laurel made me wish that Amazon would inform me about where to buy her necklace along with which actors were on screen and what their IMDB page said. And Jesus, let’s not even get into her hair. I want to be Laurel Healy when I grow up. But the other Overlords have their own ideas about whose closet they want to raid.

Emily - Fact: I would murder an unimportant person if it meant I got all of Laurel Healy’s trench coats and jackets.

Rebecca - TK is an unimportant person.

Emily - Then I’ll be rolling in pink peacoats and TK’s sweet, sweet blood by dinner.


TK - Harsh, but not untrue.

Rebecca - I want to steal every single thing worn by every single character in Buffy, so I could burn it all.

Emily - But …


Rebecca -


Kristy - That’s its own post. Just so many bad outfits. Then fire gifs.

Rebecca - I have done that post. Didn’t even scratch the surface. There’s so much.

Riley - You can take those red leather pants from my cold dead corpse, Rebecca.

Courtney - Jess Day in a heartbeat, which I think is probably just Zooey’s actual clothing.


Emily - I could not rock anything she wears, but I do love her fancy short-shorts.


Dustin - Many of you may not remember this, but back in the day, TK was a HUGE fan of sweater vests, which I think he murdered Scott Baio in Charles in Charge to get.


Kristy - All of Cate Blanchett’s dresses in Cinderella.

Riley - Ditto, and add Carol, The Aviator, The Talented Mr Ripley.… I would wear most of Cate B’s clothes from across her entire career, really.

TK - *coughs*


Rebecca - Touché.

TK - I mean, it’s not that it isn’t fetching. I’m just saying I had to wear a getup like that back when I used to work on a sewer truck.

Rebecca - There is only one fictional character who can make a jumpsuit look fashionable, and that’s Princess Leia.


TK - TRUTH. But then, Leia also makes the “action bathrobe + group home shoes” getup look good, so she can pretty much carry anything.


Also let’s not forget.


Riley - We talking sexy ladies in jumpsuits over here?


‘Cause I have some thoughts.


Rebecca - Riley, stop challenging my preconceived notions about jumpsuits.

Riley - #notalljumpsuits

Jodi - Let’s see. I would like Wade Wilson’s Bea Arthur shirt. I’ll also take the wardrobe of… Um, I’m bad at this.

Genevieve - Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds. Before she gets them all bloody, though.


Riley - Oh god, so many though. Clara Oswald from Doctor Who, which is interesting since I never cosplay as her. Also, I’d say Deputy Mayor Bellwether in Zooptopia but …


Steven - I have two completely contrary ones: Barney Stinson for all those sweet suits, Mac from Always Sunny for all those t-shirts.


Petr - Well I’m late to the party. Nevertheless, my answer is: Tony Stark.


Because then I’m Iron Man.