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We Demand That You Apologize For Calling Us Out On Our Bullshit

By Brian Richards | News Stories | April 7, 2017 |

By Brian Richards | News Stories | April 7, 2017 |

It was only just last week that I wrote a post about how Rep. Maxine Waters (D- Calif.) and White House correspondent/American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan each found themselves being disrespected and spoken down to while doing their jobs, and they each had to deal with this disrespect and condescension coming from two White men for whom such behavior comes as naturally to them as breathing. And after all of the backlash that came as a result of their behavior, you would think that White men in government would stop behaving like assholes towards Black women and other women of color who work alongside them, or at the very least, try to not have their assholish behavior dialed all the way up to Eleven.

You would think that. And yet, as we keep being reminded over and over again with ever-increasing frequency since November 8, 2016, you can never go wrong by being a White man in Washington, D.C. who has absolutely no fucks to give about the people he is expected to serve and to help.

The following video, in which Minnesota House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman drops every damn mic, explains it all…

All that was missing from that video was Serena Williams dancing and twerking right alongside her:


Being asked to stop ignoring your female non-White colleagues as they do their jobs so you could play cards as if you’re training to appear in the upcoming reboot of Rounders? Clearly, this was a request that Melissa Hortman’s colleagues did not like or appreciate, hence their request/demand that she apologize to them for calling them out the way she did. An apology that they wouldn’t request or demand from her if she looked exactly like them, and they certainly would never feel the need to go to another room and play cards together during a speech if it were being given by someone who looks exactly like them.

So the fact that Melissa Hortman refused to apologize, and made it absolutely clear why she wouldn’t and how they fucked up, is a perfect example of allyship at work, and a hell of a lot more effective than any safety pin worn in public.

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