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Nigel Farage is Upset London is Planning to Greet Donald Trump With Giant 'Toddler Trump' Balloon

By Petr Navovy | News | July 6, 2018 |

By Petr Navovy | News | July 6, 2018 |


Son of a stockbroker; privately educated; former commodities trader on the London Stock Exchange—Nigel Farage has had quite a life. And that’s all before he even became the head of the UK Independence Party, which in its campaigning for a right-wing British exit from the European Union helped bring xenophobic rhetoric into the mainstream and institutionalised far-right thought by lurching the Tories even further to the right!

What a life.

One time, in school, Farage was appointed prefect, but one of his teachers wrote to the head teacher asking that the appointment be rescinded, citing concerns over the teenage Farage’s ‘fascist views.’ Farage would later say of the time that, ‘Any accusation I was ever involved in far right politics is utterly untrue,’ and that a few teachers simply disliked him because he was a fan of Enoch Powell. You know, Enoch ‘the black man will soon hold a whip over the white man’ Powell. Those silly sensitive snowflake teachers!


Nigel ‘totally not a fascist’ Farage is a big fan of Donald ‘how do you spell fascist? can you be something that you yourself can’t spell?’ Trump. They’re bosom chums. See:

Trump has also said that ‘many people’ would love to see Farage as the UK’s ambassador to the US. There’s a lotta love between the two.

Which is why Farage is now upset about a balloon. You see, Donald Trump is set to visit London on the 13th July. And London is planning to welcome him in true London style. No, not with acid-hurling moped gangs, £6 pints, and empty properties owned by billionaires—with protest. Londoners will be swarming the streets of the capital in droves when the flop-haired dickmold arrives in our city. But the best part of the planned protest?

Inflatable Toddler Trump.


The giant balloon, which has now been given the go ahead to fly during the protest by London mayor Sadiq Khan after an initial stall, will hover above Parliament Square Gardens for two hours on the 13th, welcoming the famously thin-skinned Trump who will hopefully catch a glimpse of his (quite flattering, relatively speaking) likeness.

According to The Independent:

Activist Leo Murray said: “We didn’t get off to the best start with the mayor’s office over this, who originally told us that they didn’t recognise Trump baby as legitimate protest.

“But, following a huge groundswell of public support for our plan, it looks like City Hall has rediscovered its sense of humour. Trump baby will fly.”

And while there has been a lot of support for the stunt—

—naturally Niggling Fridgemagnet has expressed his disapproval.

Aww, diddums. Those poor triggered rightwingers. They’re right—we’re so damn uncivil!