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You're Missing Out on Netflix's Greatest Guilty Pleasure TV Show

By Rebecca Pahle | Streaming | March 15, 2016 |

By Rebecca Pahle | Streaming | March 15, 2016 |

Because you need something to watch on Netflix before Gilmore Girls starts up, I’m here to introduce you to the #1 cracktastically stupid and addicting series on Netflix that you probably don’t know about it. It’s called You’re Beautiful (on Netflix it’s listed as “You Are Beautiful”), and it’s about a nun-in-training who pretends to be her twin brother and joins a boyband. It is simultaneously the dumbest and greatest thing in the entire world.

You’re Beautiful is a k(orean)drama, meaning it’s kind of like a miniseries—one story told over 13 episodes, as opposed to an American TV show that trucks along through multiple seasons. (If you know me, you know that is exactly the sort of thing my TV ADD self needs.) It’s either the world’s longest rom-com or the world’s shortest soap opera. This show has EVERYTHING. Fake dating. Blackmail. Dramatic walks in the rain. Forget love triangles—there are love hexagons. You’re Beautiful has, like, six songs, and one of them plays every time something ~*~dramatic~*~ happens, which means you get the same songs between three and infinity times EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. And at first you’re like, “WTF? This is dumb,” but by the time you make it five or six eps in you’ll be singing along, even though it’s not like you speak Korean or know what the hell you’re saying.

These are the main characters:


different dized feet.png

*Orphan and wannabe nun—nunnabe—with the voice of an ♪♬♪angel♪♬♪.

*Real name Go Mi Nyu, but everyone calls her “Go Mi Nam,” which is her brother’s name. Her brother got into a boyband, but then had a botched plastic surgery situation, so she agrees to cover for him until he recovers. Go Mi Nam thinks that if she gets famous enough she’ll be able to find the mother who abandoned her as a child.

*Most awkward person alive.

*Vomits in someone’s mouth one time.

*In her boy clothes, looks like a cute lesbian.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.10.53 PM.png

*I mean, look, I could go on about her good qualities—loyalty, stubbornness, kindness, determination, HUFFLEPUFF—but she’s a NUN who goes undercover as a MAN so she can join a BOY BAND, and that’s all you really need to know.


i am quite famous.png

*He’s the lead singer and You’re Beautiful’s romantic lead.

*Thinks he’s all tough, but in reality is a dingus who shows his affection by making custom stuffed animals and is allergic to, like, 12 things.

*Drama queen.

*Most emotionally oblivious person on the planet. Makes his “oh, shit, I’m having a feeling” face a lot.

*Thinks “with the hood tucked behind your ears” is the proper way to wear a hoodie.

yb hoodie.png

*Mommy issues.

*Kind of a dick.

*Ten pounds of jaw tics and duck face in a five pound bag. (Seriously, he does the Jaw Thing at least five times an episode.)

*Once went into a meadow to do R. Kelly poses (this kind, not the piss kind) and was chased by a pig.

*Has bedroom covered in pictures of himself. And I’m not talking informal snapshots of fun times with friends and family, either. This is the very best the Sears photo studio has to offer.


pig rabbit.png


shin woo.png

*He’s the Gale.

*Also the guitarist.

*He’s supposed to be the nice, sensitive side of the love triangle, but he finds out about Go Mi Nam being a girl really early on and then DOESN’T TELL HER HE KNOWS for some bullshit reason.

*Goes on and on about how he wants to protect Go Mi Nam. Pats her on the head like she’s a dog. Means well, but man, what an asshole.

*Gets off on being in love but not doing anything about it. LIKE A WEENIE.

*Keeps trying to engineer romantic Lloyd-Dobler-with-the-boombox moments, but they never work out, because no one loves him and he sucks.

*Shut the fuck up, Shin Woo.



*The drummer.

*Equal parts adorability and sock buns.

jeremy sock bun.png

(It is, Jeremy.)

sock bun 3.png

sock bun 4.png

*Has a dog named Angelina Jolie.

*Gets overly excited about grocery shopping and juice.

*Interesting taste in outerwear.

jeremy bad sweater.png

outwear3 .png

*Permanent gay panic.

There are some things about You’re Beautiful that are not-so-great. The gender roles are not exactly… progressive, let’s say. (Go Mi Nam is kind and self-sacrificing, and Hwang Tae-Kyung is the dick with a heart of gold whom she ~*~changes with her love~*~.) The kdrama wrist grab is represented in abundance. And there’s a subplot involving the identity of Go Mi Nam’s mother that makes it look like she and Hwang Tae-Kyung might be half or full siblings? [SPOILER—is there accidental incest in You’re Beautiful?]No. There is no accidental incest in You’re Beautiful. There is no incest of any kind. I acknowledge all of this, but the same time, You’re Beautiful is just so infectious and goofy that it turns me into a 15-year-old romance novel addict, and I was never even that person to begin with. It is not remotely the best thing Netflix has going, but if you’re in a dreary emotional space and need something light and fun that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, You’re Beautiful is exactly the beautiful goop of crossdressing, pop music, and romance you require.

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