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Marvel News Roundup: 'Daredevil' Season 3 Will Be Back Sooner Than You Think...

By Tori Preston | Streaming | September 20, 2018 |

By Tori Preston | Streaming | September 20, 2018 |

daredevil3 (1).png

So uh, has anyone been watching Iron Fist season 2? You know, cuz it just launched on Netflix earlier this month? No? Well that’s ok — because in one month their gritty Marvel flagship will be back! That’s right, Daredevil season 3 will stream on October 19th, according to this bloody new trailer:

Ooooh, Matt Murdock’s going dark! The season is supposed to be based on the “Born Again” comics arc from the ’80s, written by Frank Miller. And uh, let’s hope it doesn’t stick TOO closely to the source material (for Karen Page’s sake…).

And for the record, I have been watching Iron Fist — I’m maybe a little over halfway through the season? And it’s, you know, fine. Danny Rand still makes ALL THE WRONG DECISIONS, EVERY GODDAMN TIME. Seriously, the dude would take a wrong turn getting out of a fucking parking lot. But the women on the show redeem it tenfold. The chemistry between Colleen and Misty is still on point, though honestly, it’s starting to feel like Marvel’s just dangling the potential of a “Daughters of the Dragon” team-up to keep us salivating. It’s manipulative, but goddamn it — it works. But the bigger story is that Alice Eve’s take on Mary Walker (Typhoid Mary) has so far been phenomenal. She’s chilling, in a very down-to-earth version of a character that could easily be over-the-top, and I think that’s down to the actress and the writers. All I know is, so far she’s my favorite part of the series (even taking into account Misty and Colleen, which is saying something), and I hope Marvel continues to use her. By which I mean: I hope I’m not getting invested in her only to have her get killed off by the end of the season, but either way, SHHHHH DON’T TELL ME.

Anyway, what else is up in Marvel land? Oh, apparently ABC is bolstering its Marvel hero output with a new hourlong series from Wonder Woman scribe (and Shondaland vet) Allan Heinberg. According to Deadline, the series will focus on an all-female roster of heroes, though based on what we’ve seen from ABC’s other show, Agents of SHIELD, it’s not like he’ll be allowed to play with the really big names. Still, there’s reason to be excited, because Heinberg is also the writer behind Marvel’s Young Avengers comic, which means…


Let’s will this shit into being, people.

Also, in case you missed it, Disney is trying to lure us over to their shiny new digital platform with the promise of some exclusive Marvel limited series featuring actual goddamn movie characters, like (rumor has it) Loki and the Scarlet Witch. It doesn’t sound like this platform will impact the shows already in the works at Netflix, Hulu or ABC, mind you. And it’s not like Marvel is the only ace up Disney’s sleeve — apparently, they’re letting Jon Favreau make a Star Wars series too. So, I dunno. Looks like maybe I’ll be paying for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, cable TV, AND Disney… plus motherfucking CBS All Access, because goddamnit Jordan Peele isn’t just producing that Twilight Zone revival, he’s also hosting it.

This is fine. I didn’t need money anyway.


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