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These Are The Iron Fists We Need And Deserve

By Victoria McNally | Streaming | March 21, 2017 |

By Victoria McNally | Streaming | March 21, 2017 |

So, Netflix’s Iron Fist series is finally out! I have not yet gotten the chance to watch (or the desire to watch, which is more accurate), but from what I’ve been told it is… well, it’s out!

Obviously the biggest controversy that surrounded the series in pre-production was what to do with its lead character, Danny Rand, a white man who travels to the mystical Asian city of K’un L’un and excels over all its people in martial arts. Many people thought it would be best if Danny was recontextualized as an Asian American character, for various salient reasons. Marvel went in a more “traditional” direction, we’ll say, and hired Finn Jones (although they did consider casting Lewis Tan, who eventually was given a smaller part [note: not Davos as I mistakenly put earlier, my bad!]) and is, as I understand it, the best martial artist in the entire series.)

Whether or not Iron Fist fails to live up to the expectations set by previously acclaimed Marvel television series is your own personal preference, certainly. But you surely cannot convince me that if the producers had based their version of Iron Fist on comic artist Kris Anka’s design, it would be a much better show. Just look at how cool this version of Danny Rand is.

Since the show was released, other artists in the online comics community (starting with Jen Bartel) have had fun playing around with Anka’s version of the character:

Paulina Ganucheau even created this gender-swapped version, which is also quickly becoming popular in its own right:

Someone at Marvel, for the love of God, give these two a solo series. You have a Gwen Stacy Deadpool, surely these two have a spot in the Multiverse somewhere.

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