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Oof, These New 'Gilmore Girls' Posters Are Not Great

By Vivian Kane | Streaming | October 18, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Streaming | October 18, 2016 |

Netflix just released their official posters for the new Gilmore Girls season and they are, uh, not great. As you probably know by now, the show’s revival will come in the form of four movies/long episodes, each taking place in a different season of one year. The show has always loved playing with the seasons, and the characters’ relationships to the different times of year. Winter, in particular, is a special time on the snow, with the “flakeage,” the good clothes, the ice skating, the Bjork snowmen…


Given the importance of the seasons in the world of Gilmore Girls, I don’t think it would have been out of line for us to have hoped for something more than… this.

Did they literally have ten minutes to shoot this series? Is that why they couldn’t invest in a change of outfits? Because nothing says “Spring” like a black turtleneck, right?


Not even a coat for Rory?

Was the time crunch also the reason why they couldn’t teach Alexis Bledel how to hold a cup like a human person?

Also, I guess… America?


Following an uninspired trailer and a growing fear that the mountain of ex-boyfriend guest stars will take this in a “Gilmore Girls, This Is Your Life” direction, these posters are less than encouraging. Please don’t eff this up, Netflix.