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'The Witcher' Has a Butt-Chin-Load of New Photos for You

By Mike Redmond | Streaming | July 1, 2019 |

By Mike Redmond | Streaming | July 1, 2019 |


Thousands of years ago, in the far away lands of last Halloween, Netflix offered up a first look at Henry Cavill in The Witcher. It didn’t go well, and here’s just a small taste of the Twitter reactions to what could generally be described as one butt-ass wig:

However, since then, the Netflix series has clearly gotten its sh*t together, or at the very least, became very good at still photography because it just released a treasure trove of new promo shots that practically scream, “Check out our wig game now, son.”

Almost equally as important is making sure Cavill’s love interest Yennefer doesn’t look like she’s goddamn 12, which was a brief problem when Anya Chalotra was cast, but that seems to no longer be the case. Granted, because The Witcher books are written by a dude, Yennefer is a powerful sorceress who makes herself look considerably younger than she really is à la Melisandre from Game of Thrones. But you can’t really go around showing a grown man having sex with a teenager even though that’s what Henry Cavill did in real life.

And, finally, here’s Freya Allan as Ciri, who becomes a daughter-figure to Cavill’s Geralt. Originally, showrunner Lauren Hissirch planned to cast a WOC, but when word got out, racist nerds went DEFCON FEDORA and harassed Hissrich right off of Twitter. Apparently, it’s deathly important that a fantasy series about a magic witchman fighting mythical creatures in a fictional setting be “historically accurate.” You see, the dorks’ argument is that The Witcher is based on Polish folklore, so therefore, every character must be lily white. But while that’s a rock-solid case to burn the internet to the ground, the showrunners caved and cast a blue-eyed British actress who you could probably see in the dark. Granted, that’s not Allan’s fault, and it’s sh*tty that controversy now hangs over her role, but it’s also important to highlight that even “disruptors” like Netflix can be easily cowed into throwing representation out the window.

The Witcher premieres on Netflix in Autumn 2019. (Super specific, right? You’re welcome.)

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