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Your Biggest Pet Peeve: The Frustrating Four

By Brian Byrd | Miscellaneous | April 6, 2015 |

By Brian Byrd | Miscellaneous | April 6, 2015 |

After two weeks of voting and endless complaints about which annoyances aren’t included in the Pajiba Pet Peeve Madness Tournament, we’ve arrived at the Frustrating Four.

The Hate Eight matchups lived up to their billing. Only one peeve won by more than two percentage points (shouldn’t be too hard to guess which one), and the battle between Parking Across Two Spots and Having to Create an Account to do Anything Online was so tight officials had to go to replay to determine the winner.

Now, you get to decide which two peeves will meet in the championship game. There are no wrong choices at this point. Well, that’s not true. Two of these peeves are clearly worse than the others. If they don’t win I’ll rig the contest and no one will be the wiser. Oh please. Silence your outrage. It’s not like the the “I” in Pajiba stands for “Integrity.”

Pop Culture
Attention Two Detale
Insane Theories
Butts of Superheros
Attacks on Men

Round of 64 (Part 1) CLOSED
Round of 64 (Part 2)CLOSED
Round of 32 CLOSED
Hate Eight CLOSED
Frustrating Four — Voting ends Tuesday at midnight PT
Championship — Wednesday, April 8
Pet Peeve Madness Bracket FF.jpg

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No. 8 - People Who Use Their Phone in a Theater
No. 8 - Mobile Ads that Automatically Direct to an App Store

While the other three Frustrating Four peeves scraped and clawed their way to glory, People Who Use Their Phone in a Theater dispatched its Hate Eight opponent with the same ruthless efficiency it’s shown all tournament. The No. 8 seed from the Squeeeeeeeeeeeeps region barely broke a sweat during its 67-33 dismantling of No. 3 Losing Your Keys or Wallet, the third higher-seeded team Phone in a Theater crushed in as many games. NO ONE LIKES A SHOWOFF, PHONES! Mobile Ads actually trailed No. 2 People Who Make Up Ridiculous Names for the Kids on Sunday, but a late push by furious Buzzfeed visitors was enough for the No. 8 seed to win the Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace region.

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No. 3 - Parking Across Two Spots
No. 4 - People Who Drive Slow in the Fast Lane

Having to Create an Account to do Anything Online is down 1 with 6.3 seconds to play. It brings the ball up the court, bounces around the high screen, and drives to the hoop. The PG kicks it out at the last minute to a wide open man in the corner. He gets the shot off as the buzzer sounds….IT’S NO GOOD! Parking Across Two Spots wins the Dookmarriot region and advances to its first Frustrating Four! What a game. Just seven votes (661-654) separated the two teams. By that measure, People Who Drive Slow in the Fast Lane’s 51-49 victory over People Who Say They Hate Something They’ve Never Seen seems like an old-fashioned curb stomping. These two peeves met twice during Vehicular Conference regular season, each winning on the other’s home floor. Now the stakes are much higher (The loser’s family will be executed on public access television. The Pet Peeve Tournament plays for keeps).
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