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Why Are There So Many November Babies?

By Emily Cutler | Miscellaneous | November 4, 2015 |

By Emily Cutler | Miscellaneous | November 4, 2015 |

Am I the only one that’s noticing an increase in birthday notifications in my Facebook feed? And before you answer that, the answer is possibly “yes,” but I’ll explain that further in a second.

See, as Kristy mentioned, yesterday was her birthday. But both Dustin and I have November birthdays too. And I’ve literally got 24 birthday notifications for the month on Facebook. Are there actually more people born in the 11th month?

Turns out, no. The most common birthday at least in the U.S. is September 16th. Which is fine I guess. September seems like a perfectly acceptable month to celebrate a birthday, but it doesn’t seem particularly memorable. In fact, according to this table complied from data from the New York Times, births start picking up in July, peak in either September or October, and then begin trailing off again for November.
(Source: The Daily Viz)

After establishing that November in no way has a significant number of births, I should have put that theory to bed. But a nagging feeling persists that I’m aware of more November birthdays than in other months. So using very scientific methods (search engines and informal Facebook polls), I’ve developed three possible explanations. Let’s investigate.

1.) I Myself Am An Egomaniac And Only Notice Birthdays Within My Own Birth Month.
This is probably if not just flat out the entire truth. I like a lot of stuff about me so if you share one of those qualities, I’d probably notice and like that. However, this doesn’t explain the relatively high frequency of people I like who also have November birthdays. Birthdays aren’t one of those things that are often disclosed in the beginning of relationships so it’s not like I’m selecting only November babies. And yet a good number of my favorite people are born in the same month as me. What’s the story there? My guess?

2.) November Babies Are Inherently Special And Awesome.
I’m not sure what to tell you, folks. We might need to acknowledge that babies just after All Hallows are imbued with an awesomeness that other month’s cannot match. So there might not be statistically more of us, but we will make our presence known. We’re the life of the party. If we’re going out, you want to be going out with us. For a large part of the country, November babies came into the world staring down the darkest coldest months of the year, and we kicked those months’ ass. Is it really that surprising that we then also have supernatural powers against illness? It shouldn’t be. But that terrible, terrible weather? It might also be a big contributing factor as my last theory outlines.

3.) There Is Shit To Do In November.
Being born in November is objectively awesome. Being in November?
The Worst JR.gif
People don’t want to go out and do anything. November has all of the terrible weather of the winter months and none of the holidays. You go out for Halloween. You get together for New Years. What do you do for November’s holiday? Eat a lot and fall asleep on the couch. November babies tell you about their birthdays to prepare you for getting your ass off of the couch, shaking off your Day Light Savings funk, and joining us for a fucking beer. We can’t just call last minute like some pansy ass June baby and ask if you want to sit outside and sip sangria. No, November babies have to work for it. But believe me, we make it worth it. So over the next 26 days if someone invites you to their birthday party, take some pity on us. You’ll enjoy your evening once you get there. And if you don’t show up, we’ll destroy you with our mutant health powers.

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