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Who the Hell is Running Allison on 'Homeland'?

By Lord Castleton | Miscellaneous | October 29, 2015 |

By Lord Castleton | Miscellaneous | October 29, 2015 |

Warning: Homeland:Season 5 Spoilers Ahead

Mirando Otto is killing it this season as ‘Allison’ on Homeland, but who the hell is she working for? Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

She’s a double agent for the Russians. Hence the call from the phone Carrie pilfered off of the assassin that shot Peter. Allison walks away from Saul and says Da? The Russians couldn’t allow a possible American puppet to replace their guy in Syria, so Allison smuggled a bomb onto the plane. Odds: 15%

She’s working a complex scheme for Dar Adal but she’s not a double agent or traitor of any kind. Maybe this is a long con by the famous spymaster? But why would he blow up his own operation? And why would he off Peter Quinn? Odds: 55%


She’s actually working for the Israelis. She’s Etai’s plant. Israel knew Saul was lying about regime change because Allison is sleeping with him. They had to make a statement that even in this day and age, nothing happens in the middle east without the Mossad being part of it. Odds: 20%

She’s working for ISIS or a radical terrorist organization. I can’t see it, but our perspective is intentionally opaque right now. Odds: .5%

She’s working, somehow, for Otto During. Perhaps the billionaire is less of a philanthropist than we’ve been made to believe? Odds: 3%

She’s a lone wolf, pissed off about Saul’s reprimand and attempt to shitcan her stateside. He said if she aims, not to miss. Maybe she’s taking out his golden girl and his favorite killer to prove a point? Odds: 1%


She’s being run by someone who hasn’t been introduced yet. A mysterious figure from a different sector of government? Odds: .5%

She works for German intelligence and reports to them. Has for a long time. That’s why she made such a fuss when Saul was going to send her home. She would lose her main source of income/power. Odds: 5%

But how did Carrie’s name get into that mailbox and onto Peter’s kill list? Did Allison swap out the folder Saul was dropping off? Did Saul put Carrie’s name in there knowing that Peter Quinn was the only person who could actually find her and specifically NOT kill her? Did Saul realize that Allison was framing Carrie for the data leak, because he’s only sleeping with her to out her, and so he sent Peter to Carrie knowing he’d protect her? If so, then who ordered the hit on Carrie when she was with During in Syria? Surely Allison doesn’t have that kind of international pull. Who is Allison connected to who would be so powerful and so feared all the way in Syria that a turned Hezbollah commander would take that name to his grave with him?

I honestly don’t know. But I’m betting there’s someone out there who does.


Lord Castleton is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.