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Which 9 TV Shows Have Had Their DVR Season Passes Revoked Most Frequently This Year?

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 14, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 14, 2014 |

The other day, we ran a comment diversion asking our readers what shows they had quit this season already to make room for new shows, or simply because they’d become exhausted with a particular show. These were the shows most frequently cited programs in our very unscientific study (and examples of why, from commenters, are also offered).

9. Sons of Anarchy — I’ve given up on Sons of Anarchy. If they could keep it down to a tight 45 minute [episode], I’d still be watching, but now that every episode seems to run long I realised I just can’t be bothered. — Billbybob

8. Masters of Sex — I love both Caplan and Sheen but his character is such an ass! In life, to his poor wife, to his mother! Caplan’s character is no better with the way she can have a bold faced conversation with her lover’s wife. I just wasn’t enjoying it. — mernymerlyn

7. American Horror Story — Had to give up on American Horror Story mostly because of the HORROR and the unfollowable storylines. — Why I Never

6. New Girl — And Theodore K. Mullins, what have they done to you? When people said that they wanted more Winston, they meant Winston the character, not a bunch of extraneous ticks and indicators of mental instability coupled with comic crushing loneliness. He’s Moe Szylak. They keep shoving plot points where the character development should be and that’s not interesting. — Jo ‘Mama’ Besser


5. Sleepy Hollow — It was like pulling teeth, though the two leads are adorable. — Parsnip

4. Castle — I dropped Castle last year. Like a lot of people it was Fillion Loyalty that kept me watching. Then I just got so tired of the whole Castle/Beckett thing that I gave up. — DataAngel

3. Scandal — I’ve been trying to finish the previous season forever, but it’s starting to feel like such a chore. It can still be fun sometimes, but it’s become so goddamn repetitive (every episode has 3-4 really passionate monologues that sound exactly like all the other passionate monologues), they’ve made Fitz into an intolerable, unlikable DICK (are we supposed to LIKE this guy??) and the camera-shutter sound is driving me insane. I probably won’t finish this last season, ever, and I’m already too far behind to catch up. Just too much work for something I don’t care enough about. — Figgy

2. Homeland — Can’t be bothered to watch for some reason. — Merski

1. Gotham — That show is the worst thing to have spawned from the Batman licence since Joel Schumacher took a shot at the character. It’s only in its second episode and it’s already featuring a balloon-themed killer as the case of the week? The tone is a mess, it’s too silly to be taken serious and too self-serious to be considered fun. Also, it’s way too self-aware and the only reason we were paying attention in the first place was because we knew where those storylines would branch into, without the benefit of hindsight the show simply cannot stand on its own. Also, what’s up with having Bruce Wayne listening to death metal for chrissakes? — Ryan Ambrose