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What Weird Standard Do You Judge People By?

By Kate Hudson | Miscellaneous | February 27, 2019 |

By Kate Hudson | Miscellaneous | February 27, 2019 |


So, I have a confession. I have categorized practically every person in my life into a simple 2-column sorting system, which is: would this person have gotten off the Titanic alive?

That’s it—but once you dive into it, you start to realize the answer says a lot about who they are. Do they have a fight, flight, or freeze instinct? Do they hustle? Are they willing to put themselves and their welfare above others? Would they have sensed the danger and gotten on the lifeboats before it was clear what was going on, or would they have waited until panic broke out?

It’s a fairly layered thought process for a relatively straightforward question.

Not totally sure how, or when, I first started using this is as a sorting mechanism for the people in my life, and to tell you the truth, there isn’t a right answer to the question—but what I conclude about the person helps me understand how I see them, and thus how I’ll treat them.

For the record, I would have gotten off the Titanic alive, as well as everyone in my party, because I would have insisted we headed to the lifeboats the moment the engines stopped. I don’t wait around for danger to find me, friends. My flight instinct is so strong that before other people realize what’s going on, I’ve already grabbed them by the arm and we’re out the door.

Also, semi-related, only about 45 percent of the Overlords would have survived the Titanic, but I’ll let you figure out which ones.

Look. It’s a fairly arbitrary and weird way of judging people, and I’m sure it says a lot about me in the process, but I’m also sure I’m not alone in having a weird, arbitrary method of judging people. So, fess up and share yours.

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