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What Is the Best-Dressed Movie of 2015?

By Rebecca Pahle | Miscellaneous | December 4, 2015 |

By Rebecca Pahle | Miscellaneous | December 4, 2015 |

The title of this post, my friends, is not a rhetorical question. I know the best-dressed movie of 2015. But I also wanted a judgmental Stanley Tucci wearing a plaid suit on the front page, and can you blame me, really?

Aside from a grade-A costume drama with a swoon-worthy romance and a wonderful lead performance from Carey Mulligan, last May’s Far From the Madding Crowd—directed by Thomas Vinterberg, who also did a movie with that dude—features some damn fine clothes. Damn fine.

blue dress just shoot me in the face.jpg

Just shoot me in the face right now.

fanciest tablecloth.png

“It’s not a fancy tablecloth if it has a watch chain.”


You know who doesn’t coordinate their hats with their lapels? Heathens.

clean lines.png

One of the things I love about the costumes, designed by four-time Oscar nominee Janet Patterson (Bright Star, The Piano), is that they have cleaner lines than the bustle- and tassle-infested monstrosities often found in costume dramas, but they’re still more visually interesting than the boring, Empire-waist frocks you see in Jane Austen movies. There are some funky design elements, s’what I’m saying. Like polka dots.

polka dot buttons.jpg

And “Hmm, I wonder how many different stripes I can fit into one outfit?”


I adore this, but my dress sensibility has been known to veer towards the mildly clownish.

belt and suspenders.png

Here’s Matthias Schoenaerts as Farmer Oak, dragging proceedings down slightly by his tendency to wear a belt and suspenders at the same time.

romance novel cover.png

But then he looks like he wandered in from a Harlequin romance Western, so let’s forgive him.

lands end model.png

19th century shepherd or Land’s End model?


Even the underwear is gorgeous.


Carey Mulligan’s hat selection may be questionable, but her glove game is always on-point.

velvet hat.png

I’m a big fan of this hat+vest+check combo (with bonus Michael Sheen!), though seen at a different angle it looks like the hat is trying to run away from Carey Mulligan’s face.

hat running away from her face.png

Seen here: Her “Oh shit another guy’s about to propose to me, run” look.

school marm chic.png

School marm chic.

grape jacket.png

Grape jacket? Grape jacket.

no they just got this at anthropologie.png

Janet, you just picked this up at Anthropologie.

stripes madding.png

Thinking long and hard about whether I would wear this on the subway, and I am distressingly close to “hell yes.” Look, it’s not like there is an appropriate place to wear this, outside of a costume party. Toss a punk leather jacket over it and let’s go. I’m poor, but let me dream.


The perfect fashion accessory for any man: A lamb.


Yesssssss. And look at that heel. That is a practical-to-walk-in heel.

In conclusion:

sweet holy christ give.jpg

Leave me alone to die.

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