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Vincent D'Onofrio Throws Very Mild Shade at 'Jurassic Park.' Let Us Now Blow His Comments Out of Proportion, Shall We?

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | August 22, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | August 22, 2014 |

If Vincent D’Onofrio is to be believed, Jurassic World is basically going to be this century’s Citizen Kane. D’Onofrio talked to ScreenCrush about the movie and, first of all, comes across like an adorable, endearing teenager who just won a Jurassic Park fan contest for a walk-on role.

It’s not the same feeling you have on any other set, like, something that was created up, this world that was created by Steven Spielberg. When you’re on that set, I remember the first couple days on the set it was so weird it. You see, “oh, there’s the jeep from so and so,” and [whispers] “oh fuck, that’s…oh shit!,” and everything looks so Jurassic-y. It’s quite something. Then you have to realize that, you know, fuck, you know, I’m playing a real guy in a real situation, and you gotta start acting. But at first when you walk on set, like when we were shooting in Hawaii, we’re on the side of this beautiful mountain, flying in helicopters and all kinds of shit.

He seems very surprised that there can be dinosaurs and story.

Some of the scenes in that, just the scenes that I shot — I’m not in nearly as much as Chris is or Bryce, they’re the leads in the movie — but just if I’m gonna talk about the stuff that I did, the scenes are so cool. There’s real dialogue scenes in the movie and there’s real, like, acting scenes in the movie, but at the same time the environment is full of dinosaurs. I mean, it’s just amazing.
So, hey, this is great, right? It sounds like this movie is going to be fantastic, a real cinematic treat. Except, hold on a second. D’Onofrio sure does love this movie, except everything good he just said about it is couched in the context that:
The storyline is gonna be so different than the first few.

I’m sorry, Vincent D’Onofrio. Are you saying the original Jurassic Park (we don’t speak of the other two) didn’t have REAL DIALOGUE












Please submit your apology in a timely manner, Mr. D’Onofrio.