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Today in Wingnuttery: "Hypocritical Bigots" Are "Bullying" Brett Ratner for Anti-Gay Slur

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 8, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 8, 2011 |

I know the more we pay attention to them, the more exposure they get, but they keep linking to us (thanks for the traffic!) and, consequently, I keep checking Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, and it’s fascinating and reallyfuckingsmart how they can turn any narrative into a giant piece of red meat for conservatives to chew on. Take, for instance, Brett Ratner’s gay slur. As I’m sure you’re already aware, less than a week after claiming that he slept with Olivia Munn before she was Asian and then forgot her name, Ratner — answering a question during a Q&A after a Tower Heist screening — said that, “Rehearsal is for f*gs.”

Obviously, everyone jumped down Ratner’s throat for the remark and he eventually offered a half-hearted apology for his poor choice of words (what word did he mean to use? Vagina non-believers?). But while everyone else is enjoying slamming Ratner for his homophobia, Big Hollywood turns the table on liberals. Somehow.

We’ve spent years watching Leftist Hollywood attack the identity, values, beliefs and everything held dear by over half of this country. For decades they’ve mocked, lied, demeaned, snarked, stereotyped, and flown their flag of bigotry like the Hollywood resume enhancer it is.

And never ever forget that Leftist Hollywood has celebrated, defended and bestowed honors upon a craven piece of scum who drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year-old girl.

But what finally has these same hypocrites in a sanctimonious tizzy: “Rehearsal is for fags.”

Remember that in Leftist Hollywood you can call the Pope a Nazi, joke about killing a mother of five named Sarah Palin, and relentlessly mock and stereotype Southerners as toothless, in-bred sister-humpers eager to make you squeal like a pig. Oh, and feature films can surround the mocking of Christians. But BY GOD don’t you dare tell a joke that includes a gay slur.

Spare me, you hypocritical bigots.

Woah? Who stereotypes Southerners as “toothless, in-bred sister-humpers”? I’m a Southerner and I have ALL my teeth, damnit. (Also, I don’t think there are that many liberals who defended Roman Polanski, and at least no more than conservatives who defended Mel Gibson).

But, it gets better: The Big Hollywood commenters ran with it, turning the debate toward the Catholic church scandal and claiming that the pedophilia isn’t a cleric problem, it’s a gay problem.

Remember, these child rapists priests were gay. You need to remember, that a gay man, chose to hide within the trusting garb of a priest, and take advantage of innocent boys.

Well, there you go: When gays aren’t busy pretending to be priests and buggering children they deign to rehearse!

If there’s one thing that Tower Heist might have benefited from, it would’ve been rehearsal.

And those liberals who attack Brett Ratner? They’re bullies, of course!

The bullied become the new bullies. GLAAD are drunk with power because their allies within Hollywood, from PR people to agents to film critics to entertainment “reporters” to fellow actors, writers, and producers are in lockstep Groupthink on so many fronts. It’s a ridiculous, immature high school clique of former nerds and geeks who are now in the cool crowd, and they enforce their own norms more intensely than any cult. We all think it’s weird when we hear of Mormons or Amish who’ve left and how they are ostracized by the group, even their own families, how they lose jobs or lose business. How is this any different?

The world is being bullied by those mean horrible Gays!

Gays don’t need a southerner around to squeal like pigs. They are like the muslims (who would kill them but otherwise probably not insult them) in that they insist that non-gays must respect gays, listen to what gays say and never, ever voice our own impressions of them.

Oh, thank you, Big Hollywood, for reminding me that Brett Ratner is not the most vile human being in America.

(Source: Big Hollywood)