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This Week In 'Seriously, F*ck That Guy': Camille Paglia & 'Nazi Barbie' Taylor Swift Edition

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 11, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | December 11, 2015 |

—I thought we got this out of the way yesterday, but here we are again, giving a big ol’ “go fuck yourself” to The Hollywood Reporter. This time, they brought in old school “culture critic” and “anti-feminist feminist” Camille Paglia to talk about how Taylor Swift is doing feminism wrong. And you may agree with that. You may think that “Nazi Barbie” is a hilariously accurate description of Swift, and that it’s kind of gross the way she uses her friends like props. But then Paglia writes about how Beyonce is just Jay-Z’s puppet and that Swift and her friends could learn a thing or two from Charlie’s Angels and the Spice Girls (you know, REAL feminists). And then she closes it all with this giant snot wad of nonsense:

Women need to study the immensely productive dynamic of male bonding in history. With their results-oriented teamwork, men largely have escaped the sexual jealousy, emotionalism and spiteful turf wars that sometimes dog women.
Ahahahahaha go fuck yourself, THR.

Whew, okay, let’s move on. What else are we giving the finger to this week?

—How about You’re the Worst for leaving us, The Leftovers for leaving us— basically every show on TV for leaving us this week.

—Martin Shkreli, both for that Wu Tang crap and for just who he is as a person, all of the time. A music writer found Shkreli on OKCupid and proceeded to share all of his dating quiz answers. It’s all hilarious and awful, but this is my favorite:

— Seriously fuck this specific brand of Benedict Cumberbatch fan who are so obsessed and delusional they tried to get this woman fired for tweeting about Sophie Hunter.

—Fuck all holiday season commercials that aren’t this commercial:

—Eff you, Starbucks, for dragging these poor slaughtered polar bear cookies into your unending war on Christmas!

—Fuck James Deen, obviously. And now also fuck Bret Easton Ellis (although that’s nothing new) for his disgusting defense of Deen during this “ridiculous witch hunt.”

—And finally, as always, and as this eagle knows: fuck Donald Trump.