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The Stitch Fix Update You Asked For (A.K.A How Box #2 Went)

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | September 26, 2016 |

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | September 26, 2016 |

A month back, I tried the fashion subscription service Stitch Fix for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised by the clothes selected especially for me by a random stylist. So, I signed up for another “fix” without a moment’s hesitation. And then I saw your responses in the comments.

A number of Pajibans shared their Stitch Fix experiences, recounting how the first box went great, and the jeans were spectacular, but follow-up fixes proved underwhelming. Thus I realized it is my journalistic obligation to you that I fashion showed it up once more.


Last time, I bought two of the five items sent, and left thorough feedback on their site hoping to improve my odds of getting great goods. My stylist Brittney did such a superb job last time, I wasn’t sweating it. But when my box arrived I was disappointed to discover—per its stylist note—that Brittney had been unceremoniously switched out for a new-to-me stylist, Aja. My disappointment only deepened when I pulled back the tissue paper to reveal some blindingly bright clothes better suited to a grade school teacher’s day wear than me.

Here’s how that went.

First up, Aja’s note recommended I pair the Schultz Lattice Cut-Out Blouse from Skies Are Blue with the Just Black jeans I adored from my last box.


It’s a cute top, sure. But not my style. The color reads as more junior than I’d like. (As contrast, I included my darker jewel-tone fuchsia flats. What a difference a few shades make!) As a petite lady, 3/4 sleeves do me no favors. And while I favor tops that aren’t skin-tight I can’t help but feel this flowy top packs on pounds I don’t possess.


Next Aja suggested I top this blouse with the Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace, and the Abela Open Cardigan from Skies Are Blue. (“Who says you can’t be bright and bold in the winter?!?!?!”) The sweater was also too bright for my liking. And frankly, as flimsy as the fabric is there is no way I’d pay the $48 price tag for it. This proved a recurring issue with this fix: fast fashion materials, high prices.

The necklace was nice, but didn’t seem special enough to merit the $34 requested to keep it. Close-up it looked more like the base of a necklace, like it was waiting for embellishments to be glued on.


Next, I tried on a top - the Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt from Pixley.


World of nope. While my last box included a top that was totally my style and special enough that I didn’t begrudge its $50+ tag, this shirt looked like something I could get at a Walmart for $7.50, but here I was being asked to pay $54. But I’ll give it to Aja, the fit was fine.

For last, I saved what I hoped would be the fix’s saving grace, the Mille Textured Dress from Pixley.


Now this, I sort of like. The print is cool, and I love the way the skirt hangs and moves. But the top-half cuts my body off at an awkward proportion and the mesh accent around the neck hurts its clean and cool effect. Sure, if I pair it with a jacket, it’s totally wearable. But again, my interest conflicts with the high price, this time $68.


Still, the back was cute.

With my first review, I encouraged you to give Stitch Fix a go as a lark. For $20 a box, it can make for a fun night of fashion wish fulfillment, relishing in the reality that you CAN afford a stylist. But like many of you, my second box proved so disappointing that I bought nothing.

Frankly, I’m annoyed that my stylist was so casually switched, something that wasn’t made clear in any of my research. That first box made me confident that Brittney understood my sense of style. I signed up for a second box based on how well she did with the first. I feel like I was the victim of a Stitch Fix bait and switch. So, for now, my subscription will be put on pause, and I’ll go back to scouring sales racks when I need some retail therapy.

Kristy Puchko is looking for other opportunities to review subscription services. Share your suggestion in comments.